How to Find and Beat Dendro Hypostasis — Dendro Hypostasis Location

Genshin Impact has many types of enemies, and defeating them can grant various rewards to help you through the game. One such type of enemy is the hypostases of different elements. To defeat the hypostasis, you need a playable character of its respective element. Dendro Hypostasis is one of the hardest hypostases to find in Genshin Impact, but defeating him is easy and rewarding. Here’s where to find Dendro’s Hypostasis and how to get to his location to defeat him.

Location of Dendro’s Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

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Dendro Hypostasis is located towards the southwestern side of Dar al-Shifa, near the teleport waypoint. It is in the deserts of Genshin Impact, so you must have them unlocked before searching for the Dendro Hypostasis.

Directions to Dendro Hypostasis Location

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To get to the Dendro Hypostasis location, you need to jump down from the hills and find a cave on the upper north side. Once you see the cave, go inside and follow the path, it will lead you directly to Dendro’s hypostasis.

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How to defeat Dendro Hypostasis

Defeating Dendro Hypostasis is easy, of course, if you have a playable Dendro character. Once you fight him, you should avoid his attacks and attack him with your best gear when he is vulnerable. It’s best to keep repeating the process until his health drops by 5% because then, like any other Hypostasis, he’ll start to regain his health.

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If you don’t have any Dendro characters, you won’t be able to destroy their cores, which means the fight will continue forever or until all your characters die. But if you have a Dendro character, he destroys the cores before he gets his health back and lands the final blows to win the fight.

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