How to find and grow Sweet Berries in Minecraft

Once you’ve built your estate in Minecraft, you’ll want to start producing. There are many options for you to choose from. For example, you can engage in farming to tame and raise animals, or you can grow and plant trees for fruit. And that’s just scratching the surface of everything that can be done in Minecraft. One of the options is to grow your own bushes as well. Take, for example, the very useful Sweet Berries, which can be used as ingredients or to help breed foxes, to name just a few. That is why we have prepared the guide to teach you how to grow Sweet Berries in Minecraft.

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Where to find sweet berries in minecraft

Sweet Berry bushes are prickly and can be dangerous to handle if you are not prepared. They slow you down and can deal minor damage due to their spines. However, it is worth collecting some to take back to your farm. There are several biomes that have a high chance of spawning Sweet Berry Bushes:

  • Taiga
  • taiga hills
  • taiga mountains
  • snowy taiga
  • snowy taiga hills
  • snowy taiga mountains
  • giant tree taiga
  • Giant Tree Taiga Hills
  • giant spruce taiga
  • Giant spruce taiga hills
  • mountain meadow
Image via Minecraft Wiki

How to grow sweet berries in Minecraft

To grow your own sweet berry bushes, you will first need to collect some sweet berries to plant. Venture out to one of the aforementioned biomes and collect a pile (depending on how many you want to plant). Next, plant them by placing Sweet Berry on one of these blocks:

  • grass block
  • ground block
  • coarse dirt block
  • podzol
  • farmland
  • moss block
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A small berry bush will appear. This will be the first stage of the new plant, and there are four stages in total:

  • First stage: the plant has just been planted and has no berries.
  • Second stage: the plant has fully grown.
  • Third stage: the plant produces 1-2 sweet berries.
  • Fourth stage: the plant produces 2-3 sweet berries.
Image via Minecraft

To go from one stage to the next, the bush will need a light of level 9 or higher to grow. Apart from patience, you can also use bone-meal to help sweet berry bushes increase their growth stage and speed up production. At full maturity, the bushes will expel their yield on their own. With that production in place, you now have an ever-increasing supply of Sweet Berries for all of your Minecraft needs.

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