How to find the keyboard code in Tokiko’s office in AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative

AI: The Somnium Files – NirvanA Initiative is a visual novel with a healthy mix of puzzles, some of which follow the weird kind of dream logic you might expect from a story that dives deep into the cast’s subconscious. For example, an investigation in Chapter 2 asks Detective Ryuki for a keypad code at Tokiko’s office, but the answer may not be immediately obvious to many players. If you’re struggling to figure out the logic behind this puzzle, here’s everything you need to know to solve it.

The keyboard code in Tokiko’s office in AI: The Somnium Files – NirvanA Initiative – how to find it

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AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative presents you with that classic detective scenario when you visit Tokiko in her office. This is a behind closed doors murder mystery, where no one has entered or left the room for hours, yet it has still met its untimely end. After questioning her bodyguard long enough to confirm her story, it’s time to get to work.

When you begin your investigation into Tokiko’s murder at the hands of the half-length serial killer, you will have the opportunity to wander around the room and explore the surroundings as Ryuki. You’ll quickly come across the moving statues flanking his desk, as well as infrared beams shooting across the room. You’ll need to switch between normal, infrared, and X-ray vision to pick up all the clues in the room, like the hidden numbers on the front of Tokiko’s desk that only become visible when he looks at them under X-rays.

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Checking the wall behind the desk will also require you to switch between view modes. Looking at it normally will reveal the familiar Nonuple-X pattern on the wall. Switch to X-ray vision and you will see the keyboard hidden behind the layout. Finally, look at the design with infrared vision and you will see all seven squares glowing with electrical energy. At this point, we have everything we need to figure out the keyboard code in Tokiko’s office, but we’ll have to search a bit further to get to that point.

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Finish your investigation in the room by checking out the statues flanking the desk, discovering the rails that allow them to move, and confirming a few facts about Tokiko’s corpse. When you’ve checked everything you need to, the game will take you to the recreation part, where Toma and Ryuki try to figure out how the killer got into the room undetected.

Toma will tell Ryuki how he plans to move the statues into place. The correct answer here is “Use force”, but there is no penalty for answering anything else to both questions other than seeing Toma scold the young detective. Soon, she will ask you for the keyboard code that was behind the Nonuple-X design on the far wall.

This part of the investigation isn’t immediately obvious, especially since you can’t look at the saved images during your quest in the room. The key is the Nonuple-X layout, which matches the layout of the numbers found on Tokiko’s desk. If she tries to answer multiple times and gives Toma the wrong answer, she will scold him and place the two designs on top of each other, as shown below.

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The key to discovering the keyboard code in Tokiko’s office in AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative is the alignment between the boxes at the bottom of the Nonuple-X layout, as well as the Xs that make up the layout here. You’ll need to do some basic multiplication here to figure out the correct sequence for the code.

Multiply the numbers in each column and enter them on the keyboard in the order presented. Doing so, and remembering that every column with a zero will end up as a zero, will give you the following sequence:

4 9 0 1 0 9 5

This will give you the correct keycode at Tokiko’s office in AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative, allowing you to progress further in the story and earn a little praise from Toma for your efforts.

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