How to get and use Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets in Fallout 76

Despite being in the game for a while, you were unable to get the Pleasant Valley Claim Ticket rewards in Fallout 76 until the Wastelanders DLC was released. That DLC brought new forms of currency, one of the lesser known being Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets. These tickets can bring you nice rewards as long as you know how to collect them and where to redeem them.

How to Get Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets

The short answer to claiming these tickets is to kill Feral Ghouls. Chances are you’ve seen plenty of these enemies running around the map as you made your way through Appalachia. You can find Feral Ghouls in areas like Flatwoods, Whitespring Resort, and Fort Defiance. Feral ghouls have a two percent chance to drop a Pleasant Valley Claim Ticket when killed. Unfortunately, that is the only way to get your hands on this coin.

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How to Redeem Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets

If you haven’t guessed, you can redeem these tickets at Pleasant Valley Ski Resort. This is the area next to the Top of the World in the center of the Wild Divide region.

Gamepur screenshot

Once you reach the ski resort, head inside and head to the basement. Watch out for the Scorched that roam the area. The NPC you are looking for is Bellhop Protectron. They can be found on the other side of the laser grid in the basement. Before you can reach them, you will need to complete the Key to the Past quest.

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Most of the rewards you’ll get from giving a ticket to Bellhop will be junk. This is useful if you like to take advantage of the game’s creation system. You can also be rewarded with various items of clothing so you can customize yourself. If you are lucky, you will get one of the fancy weapons. These include the Fancy Pump Action Shotgun and the Fancy Single Action Revolver.

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