How to get Just Our Secret achievement in Lost Ark

The Lost Ark has a variety of different achievements in the Lost Ark, which can even provide rewards like Roster XP. So while some games use achievements as mere collectibles or achievements, there is actually an incentive to get as many achievements as you can in Lost Ark. Collecting achievements may not be the most important or efficient way to strengthen your account, but it’s good to know how you can get these achievements along the way. One of these achievements is the “Just Our Secret achievement”, and this guide will explain how to unlock this achievement.

What are the secret maps in Lost Ark?

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The Just Our Secret achievement is unlocked by taking advantage of the secret map mechanic in Lost Ark. Secret maps are special items that can be used to unlock hidden dungeons on different maps. These dungeons are short and easy, but they give you some serious rewards, such as Engraving Recipes, Protection Materials, and Life Shard Bags. Each Secret Map will show you a location in a certain area, and you simply need to head to that location.

Secret maps also have a cooperative element. You can share your secret maps with other teammates or players in the game, allowing them to join you on your secret maps and share the loot. You can also share other maps with you and join others. Therefore, for maximum efficiency, players often form groups of four and share all of their maps with each other.

Secret maps are obtained by doing Chaos Gates, which are timed dungeons that occur at certain times. You can check when a Chaos Gate is happening by checking your in-game calendar. Secret Maps come in Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Heirloom rarities (Heirloom only at higher item levels). The higher the rarity of a map, the better its rewards.

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How to get Just Our Secret achievement in Lost Ark

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The Only Our Secret achievement is first unlocked when you share your first secret map. When you unlock this achievement for the first time, you will get 520 Roster XP. However, the achievements in Lost Ark work in levels. Just because you’ve unlocked an achievement doesn’t mean you’ve fully completed it. Instead, achievements have five levels of completion.

For the Just Our Secret achievement, you will need to share 100 secret maps to fully complete the achievement. Here’s the breakdown of how this achievement works:

  • Share 1 secret map (520 XP)
  • Share 10 secret maps (670 XP)
  • Share 25 secret maps (820 XP)
  • Share 50 secret maps (1120 XP)
  • Share 100 secret maps (1490 XP)

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as sharing a single map. You’ll need a bunch of maps to fully complete this achievement. However, using Secret Maps is something you should do regularly in the game. That makes this a bit less of a pain as you should be getting this achievement naturally.

That’s all you need to know about the Just Our Secret achievement in Lost Ark. Make sure to collect and complete as many secret maps as you can.

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