How to get solar armor in Fallout 76

There are many different types of armor in Fallout 76. While you can start your journey by leaving Vault 76 and collecting armor made of wood or leather, by the end of the game you will have power armor with legendary effects. Among these special armor sets is the Solar Armor. This special armor is designed to look like it is being wrapped in strangling vines. Don’t worry, his skill is quite worth it.

Sun Armor Effects

Considered to be one of the best armor sets available in Fallout 76, Solar Armor gives you health regeneration when wearing the full set. This health regeneration is only effective while you are above 60% health and also affects nearby teammates. The full set of armor consists of the chest, leg, arm, and head pieces. The head armor belongs to a different set than the sun armor set and is located in the same area as the other pieces.

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How to get solar armor in Fallout 76

Gamepur screenshot

Like other special armor pieces, Sun Armor is purchased with gold bullion from Regs in Vault 79. Each armor piece is sold separately, and the entire set costs a fair amount of gold. The pieces cost the following amounts:

  • chest – 1,000 gold bars
  • Left arm – 750 gold bars
  • Left leg – 750 gold bars
  • Right arm – 750 gold bars
  • Right leg – 750 gold bars

While that covers all of the body pieces, you’ll still need to purchase the head piece. The helmet is also purchased from Regs, but is labeled as a Vault 94 Scout Armor Mask. This piece will cost you an additional 1,650 gold bars. The entire armor set will cost you 5650 gold bars. While the helmet goes with Solar Armor, it also works with other armor sets like Thorn Armor. If you’re lucky, you can sometimes buy Minerva’s armor set when she shows up.

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