How to get sugar cubes in Cookie Clicker

Sugar cubes are a type of currency in Cookie Clicker that are only activated once you bake at least one billion cookies in total. Used to improve the efficiency of cookie-producing buildings, unlock late-game facilities, and operate spell effects, these bundles are worth stocking up in large quantities. Despite the slow production of sugar cubes, it is very easy to get more cubes.

Sugar cube cultivation

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After you get your first billion cookies, you’ll notice a small white seed-like circle appear on your interface, directly below the Statistics button. This is your Sugar Cube “plant”, which will gradually produce new cubes. These bundles can be harvested once ripe or ripe, producing different results.

A ripe sugar cube can be harvested by clicking on it, however harvesting it in a mature state yields only a 50% chance of actually giving you a lump. You can retry a failed harvest an infinite number of times by refreshing Cookie Clicker’s browser tab, as long as the game hasn’t been saved after the harvest. On the other hand, a ripe lump will drop to the bottom of the screen and be picked up, with a 100% success rate.

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Sugar cubes come in five different types, each with different values, appearances, and special effects. For example, where a regular sugar cube will give one cube when harvested, a forked sugar cube has a 50% chance of giving two, caramelized sugar cubes can give up to three, and golden sugar cubes can give between two. and seven while doubling. your current number of cookies. Excluding the meaty sugar cube, which can only appear during Grandmapocalypse, the spawn chances of the remaining four sugar cubes are determined by luck.

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To say that these lumps grow gradually is an understatement. From a newly “planted” sugar cube, it takes about 20 actual hours for a lump to mature, or 43 hours to mature. This growth will occur throughout the day, even while the game is closed.

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