How to get Tentomon in Digimon Survive

Tentomon is the Insect Digimon that was one of the seven main Digimon in the original. digimon adventure anime, and returns as a recruitable member of the group in Digimon Survive. He is known to be the most logical character in the cast and helped ground his more intellectual human partner in Adventure. There is a unique way to recruit Tentomon that is different from most other Digimon recruits in Survive. Read on to learn more about how to get Tentomon in Digimon Survive.

Where is Tentomon in Digimon Survive?

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You can recruit Tentomon in part 7, but not through typical means. You will not face Tentomon in Free Battles, and he is not a fellow Digimon that joins you during the story. When in free actiongo to the Sanctuary. Interact with one of the flower clusters to your left and you’ll notice something strange. Agumon may suggest using his camera. Pull out your phone camera with the right trigger and interact with the flower clusters again.

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You will discover an injured Tentomon in the flowers. After having a short conversation with the Digimon, you can give an answer. From the answers you have been given, go with the “Come with us?” option. So, Tentomon won’t see you as a threat and he will join your group. You don’t need to fight him or anything. He joins his team out of his own free will. It is similar to how to get Gomamon in the game. You may miss out on Tentomon if you don’t go to the Sanctuary as soon as you can because the Sanctuary will be inaccessible later in the part, and Tentomon won’t be in the Sanctuary again after Part 7.

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Can you get Tentomon in another way in Digmon Survive?

There is a chance that you can face Tentomon in Shadow Battles. Shadow Battles are activated during the Exploration phase. As you explore, scan the room with your camera. If you detect distortion on your camera, interact with it. Interacting with the distortion will give you a new item, or a shadowy figure will appear. Fighting the Shadowy figure will lead you into a battle, and the type of Digimon that appears in Shadow Battles is always random. Tentomon can emerge as a rare spawn in Shadow Battles, but we have yet to find it.

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