How to Get the Clorthax Paradox Party Badge from the Steam Summer Sale

Steam’s Summer Sale 2022 hits all the usual beats of previous sales – wacky discounts, the chance to earn trading cards and craft event-specific badges – but there are some interesting differences this time around too. One of those differences is the introduction of the time-traveling trickster Clorthax on a quest to sell you some secret and (supposedly) wildly popular games from the far future.

You can find Clorthax and start your quest from the Steam Store home page, by pressing the “Free Fun This Way” banner. Follow his quest and you’ll soon be rewarded with a nice prize: Clorthax’s Paradox Party Badge.

How to Earn the Clorthax Paradox Match Badge

To get the badge, you simply need to follow Clorthax’s instructions. He has hidden ten games from the far future in the nooks and crannies of Steam and wants you to find them. Of course, he can’t just tell you what they’re called or where they’re located, or the space-time continuum would fold in on itself like a delicious non-Euclidean pretzel. Instead, he can give you riddles to hint at the location of the games, causing, in his own words, “minor [paradoxes] that will only make the future a little more horrible.”

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So the game is on. Solve Clorthax’s puzzles and with each game you find, you’ll unlock a new reward and move one step closer to earning the Clorthax Paradox party badge. Find them all and you’ll be sitting pretty with a shiny new fully improved badge.

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Of course, to browse Steam and earn your badge, you’ll want to verify that Steam’s servers are up and running. If you run into any errors, check out our guides to fix Steam Web API error and fix Steam login information verification error. Hopefully, you’ll be able to dodge any server outages and find those games with weird titles from the future with no problem.

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