How to get the Medical Malpractice weapon in Fallout 76

Medical Malpractice was a weapon that was released alongside the Wild Appalachia update for Fallout 76. This weapon is designed with the idea of ​​VATS in mind, so those who have a targeting system focused build should know that it is worth the effort. It’s a shame how old this weapon is. Get. This is one of the go-to weapons when you’re low on health and looking to support your team. Unfortunately, it will take a while to get it.

Medical Malpractice Statistics

The medical malpractice gun can be worked at a gun workbench. The base stats of the weapon aren’t the most amazing with a base damage of around 60. This can be improved with the various revolver mods you can get from vendors and by dismantling other revolvers found in the badlands. When crafted, this weapon comes with the following perks:

  • VATS crits will heal you and nearby allies.
  • +33% VATS Hit Chance
  • 25% less VATS Action Point cost

These perks allow you to fire this weapon very effectively if you rely primarily on VATS. Those not focused on VATS should stay away from this weapon and focus on a higher powered weapon.

How to obtain Medical Malpractice

Gamepur screenshot

Unlike most legendary weapons in Fallout 76, the only way to get the medical malpractice weapon is by crafting it. While you used to be able to get this weapon from a survival challenge, now you can only get the Daily Op mission plan. While any level of completion can get you the plan for the Medical Malpractice weapon, it’s best to complete the daily op with the Elder level, as it guarantees you a reward from the daily operation. Once you get the blueprints, you will need the following items to craft the weapon:

  • a sticker
  • Two legendary modules
  • an oil
  • six bolts
  • 15 steel
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If you need help getting the necessary legendary modules, be sure to convert any unneeded legendary weapons and armor you may have into Scrip at one of the train stations. You can then purchase legendary modules from the vendor.

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