How to get the Voyager Engine in Tower of Fantasy

There are many different vehicles that you can unlock as you make your journey through Tower of Fantasy. Some of these vehicles are motorcycles, some are unicorns, and some are flying cars. The Voyager Engine vehicle is a flying car that you can drive through different regions. Before you can get this car, you will need the parts for it. This guide explains how to get the Voyager Engine in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get the Voyager Engine in Tower of Fantasy

The Voyager vehicle’s engine is perhaps the most annoying part to get. It is not difficult, but it requires several steps. First, you need to complete the Hyena Base secret mission in the Banges region. Start by finding the oil rig off the coast to the west of Signal Station Ruins Spacerift.

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When you get to this area, you will meet a Hyena Guard at the entrance who will mention a friend who was captured. He goes to Banges Pier and talks to Lozwall. This NPC can be found near the food vendor. After talking to them, he returns to the oil rig and talks to the Hyena Guard. He responds to your dialogue with the bottom two dialogue responses and will allow you to get on the platform.

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Now that you can get on the platform, look around and you will find information about the Hyena Carnival. This area is where you will find the Voyager Engine. Head to Spacerift on Raincaller Island. This is the island in the northwestern part of the Navia county. From there, head northwest to find another oil rig.

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When you get to the oil rig, talk to the Hyena Guard at the entrance and give him the following responses to his dialogue:

  • I’m here for the Carnival of the Hyenas.
  • hyena queen
  • This is the seventh Carnival of Hyenas
  • The Heirs of Aida of course

If you answer this way, the Hyena Guard will give you access to the festival. Once you’re inside, talk to the Hyena member at the top of the platform in front of the Supply Pod.

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When you talk to him, he will mention that he wants sizzling meat. If you have any with you, give it to him. If not, head to a cooking station and craft some sizzling meat. Once he gets some meat, he will grant you access to the Supply Pod behind him that contains the Voyager Engine.

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