How to get the Voyager helmet in Tower of Fantasy

There are plenty of vehicles for you to get into Tower of Fantasy and each one will help you traverse the map in style. You have everything from unicorns to mechanical units that you can use as vehicles. One of the most difficult vehicles to obtain is the Voyager. The parts for this vehicle are scattered all over the place and you will need to get them all if you hope to build it. This guide shows you how to get the Voyager helmet.

How to get the Voyager helmet in Tower of Fantasy

Getting this Voyager vehicle part requires a few items that you need to get beforehand. The first item needed is two sets of tools. These can be obtained from the Training Points Shop. Complete some training courses to have at least 240 training points. Use them to buy two fine gifts at the store. Redeem these gifts for the tool kits.

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Next, you’ll need to get the computer components from Morgley. This can be done by completing the Hyena Base secret mission in the Banges region. Then head to the oil rig on the north shore of Raincaller Island in the Navia region and give Morgley some carbonated strawberry soda. He will return the favor by giving you the computer components.

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Once you have all the components, head to Navia Bay. There are three radio towers around the bay on various cliffs. You will need to activate all radio towers. Once activated, they will change from red to blue. One of the radio towers requires a code. The tower code is 5972. You will need to use the computer components and toolkits to fix the towers.

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With all towers operational, use the pylon in the center of the bay to enter the eco park. In the park, you will find a field of Supply Pods. Open the supply pods and one of them will contain Voyager’s hull. You will also get the Colossus Arms relic for doing this.

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