How to heal your gang members in Hard West 2

There’s no question that healing is essential in any game you play, but it’s crucial when your characters have a chance of dying. In Hard West 2, the health of your gang is important. You can start the game with full health, but if you don’t heal up, your gang members will quickly fall in battle. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about them dying. They will simply fall unconscious and wake up with a fair amount of anger in their hearts.

Healing Posse Members, Explained

During a battle, your gang members will surely get hurt. There is practically no way around it. Fortunately, there are ways to get them back into combat condition. If your gang members end up hurt during battle, they will have whatever health they had left when you enter the open world. If any of them fall unconscious, he will return after the battle with health that is not enough to survive the hits.

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To heal your gang members, you will need to visit a surgeon. Surgeons will spawn on the map, usually around towns. You’ll find the first one next to Boomtown. Interact with the surgeon’s office and you’ll meet the surgeon inside before they tell you how much it will cost to restore everyone to health.

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If you are afraid of the doctor, there are other ways to heal your character. If you come across some supplies, you can rest in a camp and it will heal your gang members. You can also heal them during battle if they have a healing item like beans in their inventory. Note that healing items like this are not as powerful as a surgeon’s healing hands.

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