How to kill Survivors with your hand in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight has a simple gameplay loop that requires Killers to wound Survivors and bring them into Hooks around each map. The idea is that these Killers are sacrificing Survivors to The Entity, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. This guide explains how to kill any Survivor with your hand as an Assassin in Dead by Daylight so you can surprise your victims.

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How to kill Survivors by hand

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To kill a Survivor by hand, you need a perk or item that allows you to do so. You’ll need to equip them before entering a match, which means you can use their upgrades on the next trial and hopefully kill yourself. The most common item used for this is a Memento Mori, which can come in different forms. They all allow you to kill Survivors after specific conditions have been met, such as hooking a Survivor twice.

How to use a Memento Mori

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Once you have an Offering of Memento Mori, assign it to your Offering slot on the loading screen before a Trial. The Offering will burn and should be active in the next game you play. You will need to meet the Memento Mori requirements before you can kill a Survivor. For example, Ebony Memento Mori allows you to kill Survivors that have been Hooked twice. So once you’re in the match, snag as many Survivors as you can and drop them off for rescue. Eventually, you’ll see a Survivor that you’ve already hooked twice. Hit them to put them in a kill state, and you should see a prompt to kill them. Press the button and you’ll trigger a beautiful kill animation.

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How to Get Memento Mori Offerings

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Unless you’re given one as a free item from Behavior Interactive, the only way to get a Memento Mori offer is through Bloodweb. You can get them from about level 10, but the best versions, the ultra rare Ebony Memento Mori for example, require you to be close to or level 50 in Killer’s Bloodweb.

Why would you kill a Survivor by hand?

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The main reason to kill a Survivor by hand is that a Daily Ritual or challenge requires it. However, there are benefits outside of completing these objectives. If you kill a Survivor by hand, you no longer need to keep an eye on him in case he disengages while you sacrifice him. It’s often not the most efficient way to kill Survivors, but it’s a powerful arrow in your quiver when facing a highly skilled team.

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