How to make the Gyrfalcon Shirt Hunter Exotic in Destiny 2

When Gyrfalcon’s Exotic Hauberk chest piece was released in destiny 2, was a nightmare in the Crucible, so much so that it was briefly disabled. After a mechanic change, it’s no longer dominant in PvP, but almost every Void 3.0 hunter will want to have at least one build using it in PvE.

Every time you come out of invisibility with the Hauberk equipped, you automatically receive 10 seconds of Volatile rounds, increasing your lethality several times, despite the recent reduction in Volalite’s activation rate. Here’s how to get the Gyrfalcon Hauberk.

Where to get the Gyrfalcon Shirt in destiny 2

There are five sources of Gyrfalcon Hauberk available at this time, and none of them are guarantees. On top of that, you’ll want a good spread of stats, so just getting it once might not be enough.

Complete Lost Sectors on Master or Legend difficulty

Every day, a different Lost Sector is marked as Legend/Master difficulty, and completing that Lost Sector only has a chance to grant a specific Exotic armor slot. The space offered that day is marked both on the Director icon and when you approach the flag that activates the activity.

These Lost Sectors prioritize Exotics you don’t already have in Collections, so wait until it’s chest armor day and run the Lost Sector until you get the Gyrfalcon Hauberk.

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High difficulty night strikes on the farm

One of the main draws of Legend, Master, and Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes is the high chance of exotic armor dropping upon completion, which increases according to difficulty. While the exotics rewarded are not deterministic by any means, these activities are the best sources of high-end exotic armor and upgrade materials in the game.

Buy it from Xur

When the weekend rolls around, Xur heads to one of the few select locations in the system that sell exotic weapons and armor. He has a random selection of three armor pieces each week, plus a purchasable exotic engram that prioritizes, but doesn’t guarantee, an exotic you don’t already have.

Pick up a random exotic engram

As rare as they are, exotic engrams drop into the nature of any enemy you defeat. You’re not guaranteed anything from them, and they could be weapons or armor, but if the three methods above haven’t given you joy, a roll of the dice can’t be much worse.

Get an exotic engram from the season pass

Both the free and premium Season Pass rows offer some exotic engrams. Like the wild versions, your rewards here are completely random, but nonetheless, they’re just another way to try and get the Gyrfalcon Hauberk.

Those are all the ways you can earn the Gyrfalcon Hauberk. Sadly, there’s no safe way to get your hands on it, but it’s well worth the effort, as you can make some nasty endgame-dominating builds with it equipped. For more content on destiny 2watch our guide center.

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