How to Reroll in the Disney Mirrorverse

The Disney Mirrorverse offers a roster of dozens of well-known Disney characters for players to collect and play. However, getting a good head start on the Guardian collection might be something some players would try to do early on. Those first few crystals you get can be vital to your overall strategy and getting misses can make you want to start over. That strategy is known as “rerolling” and might be something you’d like to look into if your goal is to play the Disney Mirrorverse the best way possible.

Guardian Initial Pulls

After learning the game and completing your first battle, you will receive your first Crystal. This will give you your first Guardian, so make sure you pick a top tier one or one you like the most. Additional crystals cost between 180 and 280 orbs, which you collect by completing quests and stages. There are two types of crystals: regular ones with totally random drop rates (costs 180 orbs) and limited-time crystals with a higher drop chance to get a specific character (costs 280 orbs). You may want to get a specific character or group of characters based on your preference or choose them from a tier list. But if he doesn’t after these initial pulls, he might consider rolling again until he gets the Guardians he’s looking for.

How to reroll on Android devices

If you’re playing the Disney Mirrorverse on an Android mobile device, follow these steps to play again. First, you’ll want to delete your game from the device. To do so, go to your device’s Settings, then Apps. Navigate until you find Disney Mirrorverse and there choose the option “Clear storage”. After it completes, open the game again, at which point it will ask if you want to start a new game or continue your previous progress. You want to choose “Start Over” and start the process of acquiring your first Guardians from scratch.

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How to reroll on iOS devices

If you are playing the Disney Mirrorverse on an iOS mobile device, you have two options to play again. The first brute force option is to completely remove the game with all files and then reinstall it. The other option is to go to the Disney Mirrorverse menu by tapping the button in the top left corner. From there, go to Settings, then Account, then Sign Out. Once you’ve successfully signed out of your active account, select Sign in and choose “Sign in with Kabam”, then “Create an account”. You’ll need to use email salt for this, adding ‘+’ and numbers after your username and before @. For example, if your email username is ‘tutor’, your salt email would be ‘tutor+1’. After adding the email, choose a new password and create a new account. Congratulations, you now have a newly renewed Disney Mirrorverse account.

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