How to tame a Baryonyx in Ark: Survival Evolved

The Baryonyx in Ark: Survival Evolve is a lanky and deadly dinosaur. His ability to move between land and water seamlessly makes him a force of nature. Although best suited to aquatic combat, the Baryonyx is one of the best creatures to tame for early game land exploration. The Baryonyx is a semi-aquatic tame in Ark: Survival Evolved. It has no oxygen bar, meaning it doesn’t need to surface to avoid drowning, and its speed through the water makes it hands down one of the best tame at lower levels. This guide will explain the simplest and most effective method to tame the Baryonyx in Ark Survival Evolved.

What is the Baryonyx used for in Ark: Survival Evolved

In addition, the Baryonyx has a deadly aquatic spin attack, similar to the Sarcosuchus belly move, which deals massive damage. An added benefit of the Baryonyx’s spin attack is that stun and dismount any survivors in the hitbox of the attack. This means that if players are chasing you and you can lure them into the water, you will be able to gain an advantage.

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Where to find and what you need to tame the Baryonyx in Ark: Survival Evolved

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The Baryonyx is usually found around swamp biomes. Their height and slim bodies easily identify them.

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The best place to tame the Baryonyx is on dry land. Avoid water taming as they are fast and deadly. They will automatically attack you, so it will be easy to lure them out of the water.

You will need the following items to tame the Baryonyx, and the higher the damage percentage of your weapons, the less tranquilizer ammo you will need:

  • 1x Ball or 1x Net Projectile.
  • Harpoon launcher if you are using a net projectile.
  • A crossbow or long-necked rifle (the long-necked rifle is the recommended taming weapon if you’re low level). Arch Tek.
  • Tranquilizer Arrows, Tranquilizer Darts, Shocking Tranquilizer Darts, or Item Shards. Bring as many as you can carry, in case something goes wrong; you may need backup ammo.
  • Normal croquette. At a 1x taming rate, a level 150 baryonyx will require x11 regular croquettes. You can also use a blood elixir to increase the taming total by 30% once. If you don’t have Kibble, you can use Premium quality raw fish meat either raw fish meat instead.

How to tame the Baryonyx in Ark: Survival Evolved

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You will have to attract the Baryonyx Out of the water. This is to save his life and reduce the risk of his taming being interrupted by other wild and aggressive creatures in the water.

Once you’ve gotten the Baryonyx out of the water, you’ll want to use your balls either net projectile to keep them in place. Then after having immobilized the Baryonyx, shoot with your chosen weapon and the related tranquilizer method. Remember, headshots inflict more torpor the creature, and always stop shooting once the creature has fallen unconscious, or you’ll reduce the taming effectiveness and ruin a perfect tame.

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