How to tame a mantis in Ark: Survival Evolved

There’s not much to say about the Mantis other than it’s big, aggressive, and hits incredibly hard. This too big bug can potentially change your farming routine in Ark: Survival Evolved and how you defend your base in general. The Mantis, while not the most attractive creature, is something all experienced and new Ark players should invest in taming and breeding to create a strong line. This guide will show you how to easily tame a Mantis in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Where to find the Mantis in Ark: Survival Evolved

The Mantis like to stalk in groups around desert and volcanic biomes, and will actively go out of their way to ruin your day while you are doing other things. With a jump attack that will deal too much damage to the unsuspecting Survivor and the sheer number of them traveling together, taming this creature can be a challenge. Fortunately, though, the Mantis isn’t hard to find, as it’s present on quite a few maps, including:

  • Burned ground.
  • Ragnarok.
  • Extinction.
  • Valguero.
  • Crystal Islands.
  • Genesis: Part 2.
  • lost island.
  • Fjord.

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How to tame a mantis in Ark: Survival Evolved

There are two different ways to tame a Mantis in Ark: Survival Evolved. One involves time, effort, and often pain, while the other requires nothing more than a short flight and a dip in the ocean.

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passive tame

Gamepur screenshot

To tame Mantis, players need to approach him while he’s still awake, which means he’s a passive tame, and because Mantis is a default aggressive bug, he’ll have a lot of trouble doing so. The original strategy with Mantis was to acquire a Deathworm Horn, put on the best you can. ghillie armorconsume Insect repellent Y crouch behind the insect as it slithered across the ground, hoping not to be seen. While this strategy works, it takes a lot more effort because you need to kill a Deathworm first.

Tame Mantis using Wyvern

Gamepur screenshot

The easiest method of taming the Mantis involves first having a Wyvern. The easiest way to get a Wyvern is to play the crystal islands map, where you can passively tame the Crystal Wyverns that fly there. Alternatively, you’ll be able to steal an egg and raise one generally and then use it for all things Wyvern.

Gamepur screenshot

Head to the location of the Mantis biome you have selected; note that this method is unlikely to work well on Extinction, as there is little to no water on the map deep enough. Once you’ve selected your Mantis, grab them with your Wyvern. Once in the clutches of your Wyvern, the Mantis will not attack, and you can safely take them to the open sea. As much as possible, try to drop the Mantis into clear water, as the megalodons will try to kill you and him. Once you are in the water, the Mantis will not attack you.

You can then passively feed it one of the following foods:

  • Bad meat.
  • Deathworm horns.
  • Woolly rhinoceros horn.
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Note that it must be level 40 or higher to tame the Mantis. you can purchase spoiled meat quite easily killing the vultures either Pulumonoscorpius, they are in the same area as the Mantis.

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