How to unlock and evolve Gatti Amari in Vampire Survivors

Gatti Amari is one of the best weapons to earn money in the game. It is designed to benefit from picking up power-ups and evolves with an item that increases the amount of money you earn. When everything falls into place, you have a weapon that can potentially generate enough money to buy most power-ups and characters in a few sessions.

Obtaining the Gatti Amari and its evolution will take a longer process than other weapons, but it’s definitely worth the effort. While it’s not the strongest weapon evolution you can find, it’s a tough weapon to avoid and will be great for any upgrade you don’t have money for.

Gatti Amari Weapon Unlock

Unlike other weapons, the Gatti Amari weapon is not unlocked by surviving a time limit. You must first unlock the owner of the Gatti Amari, which is Giovanna. Giovanna is a character that is unlocked once you find the coffin in the Inlay Library. After opening the coffin, Giovanna must be purchased from the character selection menu for 1000 coins.

After Giovanna becomes a playable character, she will be the only source for the Gatti Amari weapon, as it will not appear in the leveling options yet. You must use Giovanna at any stage and have her survive for 15 minutes. Once this happens, you will get the notification that you unlock the Gatti Amari weapon and she will start appearing in your options to level up.

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Gamepur screenshot

Since Giovanna only has to survive for 15 minutes, any stage will work. It’s easier to achieve this in the regular stages rather than the bonus stage, but the choice is yours. Keep in mind that Gatti Amari can be an unpredictable weapon, meaning Giovanna will need the help of other weapons to reliably survive.

Stone Mask Item Unlock

For Gatti Amari to evolve, you need the Stone Mask item. Unfortunately, it is not an item that is available by default. Just like finding Giovanna, you need to find the Stone Mask item inside the Inlaid Library. Fortunately, it’s easier to find than the coffin, as it sticks out and is surrounded by a glowing aura to help you know where it is.

Once you find the Stone Mask item, it will be added to your list of possible options when you level up. Increases the amount of gold coins earned when you collect money.

Evolving the Gatti Amari weapon

Now that you can access both components, you can start researching the Gatti Amari weapon. While you can always use Giovanna, who has the Gatti Amari by default, the Stone Mask must always be obtained separately. It can often be found while leveling up, but if you’re playing the Embedded Library, you can always pick it up later, even with the item slots filled with other items.

The Gatti Amari must have all of its upgrades and you must have a level of the Stone Mask. After you meet the rest of the weapon evolution criteria, you can start finding the Vicious Hunger weapon in treasure chests. This replaces the Gatti Amari and will start turning enemies into money. This effect also applies to other objects like Floor Chicken.

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It’s a lot of effort for the evolution of a single weapon, but the results are worth it from a financial perspective. With the right builds, it’s hard not to make money with the Gatti Amari/Vicious Hunger weapon, and not having to worry about money is a good feeling.

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