How to Unlock Oogie Boogie in Disney Mirrorverse

Disney Mirrorverse doesn’t just let you play as the heroes – Disney villains are here too. the nightmare before christmasOogie Boogie is sure to be a favorite, with his dice and roulette wheel turned into a heavy mace and shield. Here’s how to add the big bag of bugs to your list.

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Gamepur screenshot

How to unlock Oogie Boogie with crystals

Oogie Boogie can be randomly awarded from the portal, but you’ll need to spend a crystal to mine it. Portal pulls are random, but you can increase your chances of getting Oogie with a Famed Crystal. The current list of famous crystals is found by tapping on the Crystals tab in the main menu, so tap on it to start browsing. You’re looking for one that features Oogie (like the one pictured above, which includes a two-start version of him). Famed Crystals don’t guarantee you’ll get it, but they do increase your odds. They can be purchased with orbs, which you can earn by completing quests or purchased in the store for real money.

How to unlock Oogie Boogie with Stardust

Instead of spending orbs on Crystals, you can spend Stardust to unlock Oogie Boogie. This is a different method, but it still involves a degree of probability. Head to the Stardust tab in the store to see current offers; these change every few hours. Oogie is a tank class character, which means you’ll need to get a lot of blue Tank Stardust to acquire him. Once you’ve saved up enough, wait for it to appear in the Stardust shop, then grab it.

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How to unlock Oogie Boogie with Laurels

Similarly, you can get Oogie Boogie in the Laurel tab of the store. Laurels are earned through alliance quests, so you can join an existing team or start your own. It’s the same deal here: wait until he’s available in the rotation, then hand over your Laurels.

Gamepur screenshot

Oogie Boogie Abilities

Once Oogie Boogie is yours, you’ll want to know how to use the bag of bugs. Interestingly, his core ability is actually called Oogie’s Bugs, and he’ll send the creepy crawlers after enemies that hurt him. They decrease the attack power of any enemy they crawl over. Oogie’s special ability spins his Wheel of Misfortune, the heavy shield you see in the screenshot above. He hits enemies for high damage and knocks them back. Finally, his signature ability, Stunning Swarms, makes the bugs come out again. As his name clearly indicates, they can stun enemies they swarm. The wheel then deals more damage to a stunned target.

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