How to unlock Prince Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will befriend various Disney and Pixar characters. After helping these characters, they will head to Dreamlight Valley, where you can interact with them and complete requests. While many of these characters will appear relatively quickly in the game, there is one that is noticeably absent for a long time; Prince Eric. This guide will show you how you can unlock Prince Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Poor unlucky prince quest guide

To unlock Prince Eric, you must first complete the quest called “A Deal with Ursula”. During this quest, you will make a deal with Ursula that will result in you collecting four Dark Crystals. After completing your part of the deal, Ursula will give you Prince Eric’s unlucky soul. True to his nature, Ursula won’t tell you how to save Prince Eric, and instead, she’ll let you figure it out for yourself. Immediately after, you will get the quest “Poor unlucky prince”.

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During the mission, you will need to save Prince Eric. To do so, you must harness the power of true love’s kiss and bring some items to the valley that will remind Eric of what he once had. After showing Ariel what happened to Eric, go talk to Merlin and he will tell you that you need to do three tasks:

  • Build Prince Eric’s castle
  • Pick up a sentimental item inside his castle.
  • Make Ariel kiss him

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You will automatically get Eric’s Castle in your inventory. Place it anywhere in the valley and interact with the Scrooge McDuck sign to build it. Building the castle will cost 10,000 Star Coins. After building the castle, go inside and find Prince Eric’s flute on the table in front of the door.

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Bring the flute to Ariel and she will remind Eric of the life he once had before he kissed him. The kiss will work and Eric will be taken to the valley through the Wishing Well in the Plaza. Unfortunately, he won’t immediately run to Ariel. You will have to prepare three meals for him; Gazpacho, vegetarian stew and berry salad. Once you deliver all the food to Eric, he will feel good enough to see her true love and will run to her for a happy reunion. This will complete the search.

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