How to unlock the Colossus Arms in Tower of Fantasy

Relics are powerful tools that you can get in Tower of Fantasy that will help you traverse the map, defeat enemies, and complete tasks. Whenever possible, you should get your hands on any and all relics you find. One of the most powerful relics you can get your hands on is the Colossus Arms. This relic can wreak havoc in combat, especially when facing multiple enemies.

Items needed to obtain the Colossus Arms

Before you can get your hands on Colossus Arms, there are a few items you need to obtain. To complete the quest to get the relic, you will need two sets of tools and some console components.

Get the toolkits

Toolkits are fairly easy to obtain. A Toolkit is one of the gifts you can select after purchasing a Fine Gift from the Training Points Shop. Take at least two training courses to earn the required points and purchase two Fine Gifts in the store. Go into their menu and redeem the two gifts for Tool Kits.

Get the console components

Console components will take a while to get and we will try to be as detailed as possible for you. First, you need to complete the Hyena Base quest in the Banges region. From the Signal Station Ruins Spacerift, head west to find an oil rig.

Gamepur screenshot

Talk to the Hyena Guard at the entrance. Afterward, she returns to Banges Pier and talks to Lozwall. They are the robot NPC near where the food vendor is. After talking to them, he returns to the Hyena Guard and give them the new dialogue options that appear. These will be the bottom dialog options. Once he enters the base, he will read the different data panels to learn about the Hyena Carnival.

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Gamepur screenshot

Before going to the carnival. Gather the following ingredients:

  • 2 honey
  • 11 carbonated water
  • 2 strawberries

With these ingredients collected, go to a cooking station and mix them up in the crafting menu to make some carbonated strawberry soda. You will need this for the next step.

Gamepur screenshot

Go to Raincaller Island and head to the ocean northwest of where Spacerift is. This will take you to another oil rig. Use the following dialog options when talking to the guard:

  • I’m here for the Carnival of the Hyenas.
  • hyena queen
  • This is the seventh Carnival of Hyenas
  • The Heirs of Aida of course

This will give you access to the oil rig and the carnival. Once inside, she talks to Morgley. This is the big hyena sitting against the railing. Give him the strawberry soda and he’ll give you the console components.

How to unlock the Colossus Arms in Tower of Fantasy

Now that you have the necessary items to complete the task, head over to Raincaller Island. Around Navia Bay, there are three radio towers that need to be fixed or activated. These radio towers are all red and will turn blue when they are repaired.

Gamepur screenshot

Radio tower locations are marked on the map above. The radio tower on Raincaller Island needs an access code to work. You can get the access code by talking to the various junk bots in the area. The code is 5972.

Gamepur screenshot

The rest of the radio towers require the use of the computer components and tool kits. Make sure you have them before you try to fix the radio towers. Once all the towers are activated, you will get a cutscene showing that all the symbols on the pylon in the center of the bay are lit up green.

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Gamepur screenshot

Interact with the pylon in the middle of the bay and use it to enter the eco park above. This will take you to a room full of Supply Capsules. Repair the central supply pod and it will reward you with the Colossus Arms heirloom.

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