How to unlock the MP5 in Modern Warfare 2

Players have already found a way to unlock the Modern Warfare 2 MP5 in the beta, even though the weapon is locked. Known in MW2 as the Lachmann Sub, the MP5 can be unlocked via the upgraded Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith system, but you’ll need to think outside the box a bit as the unlock method is somewhat unorthodox.

By choosing a specific combination of payload and perk in the FPS game, you can earn the MP5 by leveling up an assault rifle in the same weapon family. The popular submachine gun has made a comeback in most modern Call of Duty games, so it’s no wonder fans have already found a way to equip the weapon after just a few days. If you want to unlock the MP5 yourself in the Modern Warfare 2 beta, here’s how to do it.

How to unlock the Modern Warfare 2 MP5 during the beta

To unlock the MP5 in the Modern Warfare 2 beta, you need to create a new loadout. The most important thing to make sure is that you have Overkill selected as a perk, as the Overkill perk allows you to carry a second primary weapon instead of a secondary one.

You’ll also need to equip the Expedite 12 shotgun as your primary weapon, as the Lachman-556 assault rifle will automatically be assigned as your second primary weapon, but is otherwise not available in the beta so far.

At this point, before you can equip the MP5, you’ll need to go in and get some kills. Only by leveling up your Lachmann-556 AR to level 13 will you be able to unlock the MP5. Level 13 unlocks both the Lach-9 receiver and the Lachmann SMG variant, in other words the MP5.

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While it’s simple once you get the hang of it, this is a loophole, so there’s a chance it could be fixed for the remaining Modern Warfare 2 betas. However, as one of the most popular weapons in the history of COD, hopefully this will not happen, but we are keeping an eye on the situation. No change seen in patches so far, but Infinity Ward is working on a fix for the nerfed Slide Cancel workaround.

Best MP5 Lachmann Sub Modern Warfare 2 Loadout

The best MP5 Lachmann Sub upload is:

  • Muzzle: Razor Comp XTEN
  • Barrel: L38 Falcon 226mm gun
  • under the barrel: VX Pineapple Vert Grip
  • Values: no stock
  • Optical: Cronen Mini red dot
  • Ammunition: 9mm hollow point
  • Advantage package: Deadeye (includes Overkill)

Use this technique to unlock the MP5 in the Modern Warfare beta and you’ll be up your game in no time, ready for the full release date of Modern Warfare 2. To see another of our favorite builds, check out our loadout guide. of the MW2 M4 and make sure you meet the Modern Warfare 2 system requirements so you don’t miss a shot.

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