How to Unlock Zurg in Disney Mirrorverse

The Disney Mirrorverse brings together all kinds of heroes and villains from the Disney universe. One of them is Space Emperor Zurg, Buzz Lightyear’s archenemy. If you want to add the emperor to his list, here’s how to do it.

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How to unlock Zurg with crystals

Like any guardian, Zurg can be randomly pulled from the portal, but must first be fed a crystal. He can increase your chances of getting it with the correct Famed Crystal. Tap the Crystals tab in the main menu to explore the current rotation. The famous crystals here will cost you orbs, which can be earned by completing quests or purchased for real money. In either case, you want to find a Famed Crystal that features Zurg (notice the five-star version of him in the screenshot above). There’s no guarantee this will give it to you yet, but it does increase your chances.

How to unlock Zurg with Stardust

Zurg can also be bought with Stardust in the shop. There’s still an element of chance here, but it works differently than the portal. Once you earn a good amount of Stardust, you can start your quest. The Stardust store updates every few hours, so check back regularly until you see Zurg. At that point, you can buy it with Ranged Stardust.

How to unlock Zurg with Laurels

Likewise, Zurg can appear in the rotation of the Laurel shop stab. It’s the same process there, but he’ll spend Laurels instead of Stardust. Laurels are earned by completing alliance missions – you can join an existing alliance or start your own.

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Gamepur screenshot

Zurg’s abilities

Once you follow one of these routes, Zurg will be yours. He is a ranged guardian, mainly using the disruptor attached to his right arm. That’s his main ability: he can shoot normally or go into a rapid fire mode that improves his defense and concentration. His special ability, Temporal Singularity, deals damage in an area of ​​effect around him, adding bonus damage to whoever is hit. Lastly, his signature ability is Tyrant’s Grip. He does a lot of damage and keeps all enemies in place of him for a few seconds.

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