How to update The Sims 4 on PC

The release of the long-awaited child update for the sims 4 has brought with it a lot of problems and bugs. Some are related to EA servers, as dozens of players try to get into the game and eventually have babies in their Sim families. If you’re trying to get into the game on PC and find you can’t log in or have other issues with the EA app, here’s how to update the sims 4 on PC for now.

From the sims 4 updates itself normally, you’ll have to do things a bit differently to try and get it to kick in. Also, many find that the EA app is unable to get their game library back today. This is just part of the server issues and something that will be resolved once EA’s servers are stable again.

I can’t update The Sims 4 fixes

There are only two possible ways to move the sims 4 refuse to upgrade, and both are pretty easy.

Option 1 – Make yourself invisible in the EA app and then log in

You can either log into the EA app as invisible or set yourself to invisible, then log back in to try and jolt the servers into recognizing you.

When you first log in to the EA app, you can choose to set yourself as invisible at login. There’s a little checkbox just below “Keep me signed in” to do just that.

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If you’re already logged in, which is most likely, you can also set yourself to invisible via the dropdown menu when you click your username at the top right of the window.

GameSkinny Screenshot

After doing any of these, click on your username again and set it to online to try and force the EA app to see it and start the patching process.

Option 2: Restart your PC

If you’re feeling really frustrated, this is an option. It’s not likely to have more of an impact than simply starting and closing the EA app though, some have found that restarting their PC and trying again has led to being able to update the sims 4 today.

The invisible status option above is more likely to be more impactful than this, but if you’ve passed it a dozen times, this really couldn’t hurt.

This is how to update the sims 4 on PC EA servers should stabilize over the next day as more people are able to download and play. the sims 4 child updatebut with him Growing up together expansion pack available on March 16, they don’t have much time to get the servers ready for the next wave of players to reach them. If you found this guide helpful, take a look at some of our other the sims 4 guides.

Featured image via Electronic Arts.

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