How to use a flashlight in Dead By Daylight

The survivors in Dead By Daylight have an uphill battle to face as they try to escape the play area with their lives. The Assassin is a giant that will not stop chasing you and will try to sacrifice you for The Entity. There aren’t many ways Survivors can defend themselves, they just need to hope the Killer doesn’t find them, or they should have good enough escape skills to escape when in danger. The flashlight is a tool survivors can equip to help out a bit, but it’s hard to get any use out of it. Here’s how to use flashlights in Dead By Daylight.

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How to use a flashlight in Dead By Daylight

Using a flashlight is really simple, but getting it to good use can be a bit tricky. First, make sure you equip one in your loadout after you unlock it in Bloodweb, or you can find one in a chest in-game. Like other items, if you die with it equipped you will lose it and need to get another one from Bloodweb. Use the right trigger on consoles or right click on PC to turn it on.

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Flashlights don’t have much of a charge in Dead By Daylight by default, so make sure you only use them when needed. There are plugins that can make it last longer, but it’s still not much. When an Assassin is chasing you, he glows in their eyes to blind them. Of course, this will prevent them from seeing you for a short time, but they can still move and attack, so get out of the way quickly. The beam extends for 10 meters and will blind the Assassin for two seconds. If you blind an Assassin while leading a teammate into a hook, the teammate will free fall into the injured state and can run away. This is without a doubt the best use for the Flashlight.

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There are also some secondary special effects when using flashlights on certain assassins:

  • Witch traps will be revealed and destroyed.
  • The Wraith will be stunned while cloaked.
  • Hitting the nurse when she blinks will make her feel fatigued.
  • The Legion will snap out of their frenzy instantly.
  • The spirit shells will be destroyed.

In general, we recommend using another piece of gear if you are a new player to Dead By Daylight. Getting the beam into the Assassins’ eyes as they chase you can be very finicky and challenging. Experienced players are pretty good at making the Assassin drop their teammates every time they pick them up, so you definitely have the utility of it, but don’t put yourself in harm’s way because of it.

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