How to Win Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War

Splatoon 3 doesn’t necessarily rewrite the book on how the series works, but it does bring some exciting new features that build on what came before. One of those new additions is the new Tricolor Turf War mode, a mode where three teams battle it out. This exclusive Splatfest mode may have you scratching your head, so that’s how you win.

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How do you win in Tricolor Turf War in Splatoon 3?

While Tricolor Turf War might seem bigger since there are three teams participating, it’s actually pretty much the same game as the regular Turf War mode that you’ve probably played countless times. The main goal is to cover as much of the ground as possible with your team’s ink color. Whoever has the most at the end wins.

Image via Nintendo

Where this mode deviates from the normal turf war, however, is that it’s a Splatfest-exclusive event. After some time has passed during a Splatfest, Tricolor Turf War will become available to play. Four members of the currently first place team will spawn in the middle of the arena, and the other two teams will have two members representing them, attacking the first place team on both sides.

The important thing here is that the team in the first place defends itself against the constant assault on each side of them. As you cover the area with your team color, make sure to keep an eye out for the Ultra Signal. When you grab this item, you send a help message to the Deep Cut member who is the chosen face of your Splatfest team. If you are part of the blue team, you will have Shiver, Yellow is Frye, and Red is Big Man.

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Image via Nintendo

That Deep Cut member will send an item that will help design something of their team color in the area. Cover the most area when the match is over and win.

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