How ‘Werewolf By Night’ Became Marvel’s Most Exciting Project Yet

The first day of filming werewolf at nightMarvel Studios’ most unusual project to date, composer-turned-director Michael Giacchino gathered his cast in a circle inside Atlanta’s Trilith Studios. He wanted to know what they were afraid of.

“I said, ‘Everyone has to tell me a story about something that scared you as a kid,'” says Michael Giacchino. Reverse. And they do it like that.

Giacchino continues: “After everyone left, I said, that’s what I want to do. I wanted to create moments where a few years from now, someone in the world when they think about it, say, ‘I remember the first time I saw that and it freaked me out.'”

In Marvel’s shared universe, where the fate of the world is threatened every Tuesday, it can be hard to invoke a sense of fear. No matter how dark things get, Marvel superheroes show the thrill of having the power to face what terrifies you. But for the first time, Marvel is ditching the color and heroism for something more intimately transformative.

werewolf at night is the first authentic horror project in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, streaming October 7 on Disney+. Billed as a one-hour “Special Presentation” werewolf at night stars Gael Garcia Bernal (mozart in the jungle) as Jack Russell, Marvel’s resident werewolf who made his debut in marvel projector #2 in 1979. Laura Donnelly (the nevers) also plays Elsa Bloodstone, the estranged descendant of a family of monster hunters. Her character first appeared in 2001 in the Marvel comic series. Bloodroot.

the two are in werewolf at night when they are invited, along with other assassins and mercenaries, to the Bloodstone mansion where they compete for possession of a powerful relic. The challengers are forced not only to fight each other, but also to survive the clutches of a monster that stalks the estate.

werewolf at nightstreaming October 7 on Disney+, it begins as the late zombified patriarch of the Bloodstone family, Ulysses Bloodstone, posthumously invites strangers to his mansion to vie for ownership of the powerful Bloodstone heirloom.wonder studios

Even at a glance, Marvel fans can see werewolf at night it’s unlike anything Marvel has done before. From its black and white color scheme to its artificial film grain and input markings, the entire presentation of werewolf at night it is taken from the classic features of creatures that once populated the Golden Age of Hollywood.

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werewolf at night contrasts with other adjacent Marvel horror productions, such as Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness Y Wanda Vision, which also experimented with black-and-white sitcom parodies and horror moments. Compared, werewolf at night it’s Marvel exhibiting a total commitment to camp horror, and it’s paying homage in both style and philosophy.

It begins with Giacchino himself. Like the Marvel movie composer like doctor strange, Thor: love and thunderand the Spider-Man trilogy, Giacchino had the ears of the studio when he revealed his interest in directing something.

“This was a fortuitous moment when Michael Giacchino, with whom we have collaborated for many years, came to us interested in directing,” says co-executive producer Brian Gay. Reverse.

When Marvel asked Giacchino for a lead character, the composer responded with Werewolf By Night.

Before Iron Man took flight, an adaptation of Werewolf By Night was in development as a movie around 2001, licensed from Marvel to another studio. (Marvel figure Kevin Feige was even involved, along with producer Avi Arad.) The resurrection of Whispers of Werewolf By Night began last year when Kevin Smith revealed that Marvel had plans for the property.

Laura Donnelly stars werewolf at night as Elsa Bloodstone, estranged daughter of the Bloodstone family who competes to keep her birthright inheritance.wonder studios

The title is another example of how the launch of Disney+ has given Marvel room to experiment with form and structure, freeing itself from the confines of what normally defines a movie versus a streaming series.

“It can be whatever we want,” says Gay. Adds the “Special Feature” format, which Marvel will revisit later this year with The Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special — deliberately reminiscent of the seasonal television broadcasts of yesteryear.

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“The special presentation grew out of how we loved specials from decades past,” explains Gay. “Things like Rodolfo’s bright new year or the Charlie Brown specials. We grew up watching those. So in that realm, could Marvel do something different?

For Giacchino, the special is more about evoking “the feel” of watching old monster movies than nodding toward any of them specifically.

“It was about capturing those feelings I had watching monster movies every Saturday,” he says. “Things like The werewolf either king kong. Those are the movies that shaped me as a kid, and I just wanted to go back and create something that had that feeling.”

Michael Giacchino with Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige at the premiere of spider-man: homecoming in 2017.Todd Williamson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Between Giacchino’s vision and Marvel’s interest in expanding his universe, a stylistic homage to monster movies and kitsch TV specials is the DNA that makes up werewolf at night.

“We wanted to create a love letter to those monster movies, but also introduce a new character,” says Gay. “The idea that we introduce something new [to the MCU]spice it up a bit, and we don’t have to be tied to a certain time frame and just let the story tell itself.”

Gay is reluctant to say yes werewolf at night will open the door to more Marvel horror, or even more Werewolf By Night. Maybe I will. For now, Marvel is simply trying to show that sometimes when the heroes are gone, darkness is all that remains.

“One thing we’ve been great at is finding the right combination of director and material,” Gay boasts of Marvel’s proven track record of success. “For something like werewolf at night, you want me to be a little scary. I’m not saying we couldn’t have chosen another genre, but for the story it made sense. We’re leaning towards that, that things are a little different in the corners of the MCU that you haven’t seen. Sometimes things are scarier than when you’re with the Avengers.”

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werewolf at night premieres October 7 on Disney+.

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