I didn’t want the Dragon Quest Treasures demo to end

My demo time with Dragon Quest Treasures begins aboard a Viking ship. As the blue-haired lead Erik, I’m trying to get to the top deck to meet up with my sister and co-star Mia. However, a group of raucous, drunken Vikings have other plans: They immediately block my path just outside the starting area, one declaring that I’m too young to join their festivities. Fortunately, though, I can use Erik’s small stature to my advantage to get past them. Ducking through a small gap to the side of the group, I soon find myself very close to another Viking having a kip. Right below the sleeping guy, I see reading material that I can interact with. When I do, I am humorously informed that Erik is too young to really understand what he is looking at. Reading material, actually. I find myself smiling moments after Dragon Quest Treasures, and it’s not long before I run into Mia and the adventure begins in earnest.

I didn’t get to delve too deeply into all that Dragon Quest Treasures has to offer before the short demo came to an end, but what I did play left me wanting more. In fact, as my session progressed, I found myself wishing it didn’t end so I could get stuck properly.

adjusting the sail

Dragon Quest Treasures

(Image credit: Square Enix)

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