I played the new console that wants to dethrone the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck, here is the Logitech G Cloud

News hardware I played the new console that wants to dethrone the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck, here is the Logitech G Cloud

It was at the Logi Play event in Berlin that I was able to test the very first Logitech console. We know the brand for its headsets, mice and other PC peripherals, but the Swiss giant has decided to take a step forward. It is under the name of Logitech G Cloud that this portable console takes shape. But then, what is it worth?

A quality Logitech console, but…

At first glance, we quickly notice a resemblance to a certain Japanese console. In effect, the Logitech G Cloud largely takes the design of the Nintendo Switch Lite, the “lite” version of the classic Nintendo Switch. In terms of weight, we end up at 463 grams, which is light enough not to have been bothered during my session of about half an hour.

Logitech allowed me to get my hands on their first console, entirely dedicated to Cloud Gaming. We can think of it what we want, but this way of consuming video games is gaining more and more followers. Services are multiplying, such as XCloud, GeForce Now or even Steam Link, and Logitech intends to ride this wave to enter the console market with great fanfare.

Comparison of the Logitech G Cloud compared to the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck:

Logitech G Cloud nintendo-switch Steam Deck
Physical / online games Cloud only Physical Games / Download Games / Cloud Games Download-only games
Cloud service GeForce Now, Steam Link, XCloud Some games on the eShop Nope
Screen size 7 inches 5.5 inch (Lite) to 7 inch (OLED) 7 inches
Autonomy 12 hours 7 hours 8 hours
connectors USB-C, 3.5mm Jack USB-C, 3.5mm Jack USB-C, 3.5mm Jack
Price 349$ (no price in € yet) 199€ to 349€ 419€ to 679€
Mandatory in-game login Yes Nope Nope

On the form, it is impossible to deny the quality of the product. The Logitech G Cloud is a solid console with a perfectly placed key layout and joysticks. The portable console walks on the flower beds of the Nintendo Switch Lite, to the point of placing all its keys in the same place.

Once in hand, the console is impeccable. The size was perfect for my (fairly small) hands, but other reviewers in attendance with larger hands liked the grip of the Logitech G Cloud. The sticks are slightly hollowed out to accommodate the pulp of your thumbs, and the buttons offer a stroke and a return almost similar to those of an Xbox Series controller.

The Logitech G Cloud presents us with a 7-inch LCD screen with a maximum resolution of 1080p (Full HD) and a refresh rate of 60 fps. Unfortunately, even while playing I didn’t see the live frame rate tracking, but the gameplay seems very smooth.

I played the new console that wants to dethrone the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck, here is the Logitech G Cloud

Still on the screen, the Logitech G Cloud reveals a maximum brightness of 450 nits, against the 343 nits of the Nintendo Switch. For once, the conditions of handling did not allow me to see clearly if the screen delivered good brightness, given that I was in a fairly dark room.

… A concept may be too ambitious in the face of the Steam Deck

The Logitech G Cloud is, as its name suggests, a console dedicated to the Cloud. This is an Android machine, and for once, the limits are felt quite quickly.

Indeed, I first tested the Cyberpunk 2077 game via Nvidia’s GeForce Now service. After a long loading time, due to the not very stable connection. The game was showing some latency between the requested input and the on-screen action. My worst idea was to launch Ghostrunner, a journey game where every move must be finely calculated. This is where I could feel the limits of the cloud in very dynamic games.

Even if the Steam Deck is rather imposing, it is mainly explained by the fact that the console must literally run the games and store them. For once, the Steam Deck and the Logitech G Cloud clearly do not play in the same court.

I played the new console that wants to dethrone the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck, here is the Logitech G Cloud

Apart from the very good hardware, the Logitech G Cloud looks above all like an Android tablet on which we have stuck two controllers. Navigating the menus was tedious and the permanent connection to the various Cloud Gaming services can put off many people, including me. The interface quickly becomes cumbersome, especially if you fall into the Steam Big Picture submenu which asks you to use the touch screen on very small icons…

I played the new console that wants to dethrone the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck, here is the Logitech G Cloud

The Logitech G Cloud proposes to set foot in a future where the game is completely dematerialized, and remotely. A portable console that should not be moved away from your Wifi router or risk being interrupted, quite ironic.

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