Ian Flynn Says Sega Provided the Story, Usable Characters, and Plot Beats for Sonic Frontiers

Ian Flynn says that Sega provided the “story, backstory, plot beats, usable characters, etc.” for Sonic Frontiers, confirming rumors that he did not write the game’s story.

One of the biggest selling points behind Sonic Frontiers is the fact that Ian Flynn, known for his work writing Sonic stories for IDW, was revealed to be working on the game in some capacity. Although it was initially thought that he was writing the story, a recent rumor suggested that this was not the case, something that Flynn himself has just confirmed in a recent interview.


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In a recent interview with Golden News, Flynn was asked about his role in Sonic Frontiers and what it’s been like to be involved with a main entry in the series for the first time. Flynn responds by pointing out how different the experience was for him working on Frontiers with the story decided for him, compared to his working on the comics where he can present things himself.

Flynn said, “It’s been a very different experience for sure. With the other tie-in media, I’m the one providing the story, the characters, the themes, etc. With Sonic Frontiers, SEGA provided the story, the backstory.” , plot beats, usable characters, etc. So it was a very different approach to telling a Sonic story than I’m used to.”

While it’s clearly a different experience for Flynn than what he’s used to, he doesn’t seem to be put off, saying, “That aside, it was a dream come true to work on a big Sonic title like this, and an amazing experience.” learning experience. I hope everyone enjoys what I was able to contribute.”

Flynn also elaborated a bit more on the general atmosphere of Frontier: “Gloomy is a good word for the story in general. Sonic’s indomitable spirit carries him throughout the adventure, and it’s what allows him to help each one of his friends as they face their own personal challenges. … Sonic’s ‘never say die’ attitude is certainly put to the test.”

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