Impossible to recognize all these emblematic brand logos!

News hardware Impossible to recognize all these emblematic brand logos!

Do you think you are unbeatable on the logos of the big brands? That’s what we’re going to see with this quiz where it seems almost impossible to get 20 out of 20 without cheating!

Logo oh my beautiful logo, tell me what your story is

Apple, Google, Ubisoft, Facebook, Microsoft, Nike, etc. all these big brands and companies have one thing in common, they all have a logo that identifies them and differentiates them from their competitors. But where did this idea come from and what is its history?

If we refer to the Wikipedia definition, “logo” is the abbreviation of “logotype” which means:

A logotype is a figurative composition used to visually identify, in an immediate way, a company, a brand, an association, an institution, a product, a service, an event or any other kind of organization in order to make itself known and recognized. audiences and markets to which it is addressed and to differentiate itself from other entities in the same sector. The logos are registered models whose reproduction without authorization is punishable as counterfeiting.

That’s it for the frame. Then, we can ask ourselves the question “when does the first logo date back to?”

If we refer to the strict sense of the word, it is estimated that the logo as we use it today dates back to around 1440, after the famous Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, thus allowing the democratization of paper supports. , such as books, posters, leaflets and therefore logos. The first to have used this means of recognition were also authors and printers to enable them to distinguish themselves easily.

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Impossible to recognize all these emblematic brand logos!

But in reality, the history of logos dates back to 8000 BC, when peoples and civilizations drew signs of belief and recognition on pottery in particular. Subsequently, Egypt, with hieroglyphs or China with calligraphy, also resorted to the dissemination of symbols that were in a way the ancestors of our logos.

Test your knowledge on this special quiz “Brand logos”

While some are easily identifiable at first glance, others are much more vicious. In total, there are 20 logos to discover, for a mark out of 20, like at school.

Each time, you will only have 20 seconds to guess and write the name of the brand or sign. Don’t be afraid of capital letters or spaces, we’ll give them to you.

And above all, if in doubt, take care to read the clues carefully, whether they are in the description or on the logo itself.

Good game to you and above all have fun!

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