In A Plague Tale: Requiem you will feel the light (and the rats) like never before thanks to the power of PS5 and its DualSense

Kevin Pinson, Lead Level Designer at Asobo Studio, talks about what the game has achieved on Sony hardware.

When we learned that Asobo Studio was leaving the PS4 and Xbox One generation behind for the development of its next A Plague Tale: Requiem, we learned that Amicia and Hugo would embark on an adventure marked by the power of the new generation of consoles. And, to reiterate the reasons for his decision, the lead level designer Kevin Pinson has listed some of the features achieved with PS5.

The power of PS5 allows us to have more lights, and do more with itKevin Pinson“Specifically, it is a game about light”, explains the professional in an interview with PLAY Magazine. “The power of PS5 allows us have more lights, and do more things with it. It’s really expensive to use light as a game mechanic from a game engine perspective, but the current generation allows us to use more dynamic lights”. After all, it’s important to note that the rats in A Plague Tale: Requiem, one of the main obstacles in the experience, repel each other with torches and other light-emitting items.

But the experiments of Asobo Studio do not end here in terms of the possibilities of PS5. Focusing exclusively on command Dual Senseit seems that the title starring Amicia and Hugo will also take advantage of the characteristic functions of the device: “With Requiem it is also about take advantage of landscapes and physicality from the environment, so we tried to transcribe that into the haptic response,” says Pinson. “It’s really good to play with the PS5 DualSense. I’m happy that people will soon be playing the game and giving us feedback on it!”

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If you liked the adventure of the first A Plague Tale: Innocence and you can’t wait any longer to continue Amicia and Hugo’s adventure, we recommend you check out the hyper-realistic gameplay of the next installment. But, for those who prefer to know a more focused opinion on the gameplay and the sensations of the title, we have prepared an article with our first impressions of A Plague Tale: Requiem.

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