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Getting involved in the Football Manager saga means dedicating hundreds of hours of your life to managing a football team and trying to make it shine against adversity. Challenges ranging from an angry journalist to the loss of a basic and essential player for your lineup. Sega and Sports Interactive know this and delivery after delivery they propose that you spend your time as you want. If you prefer, you can choose a remote team from deep in Iceland and grow it, or alternatively, you have the option of trying to play “easy mode” and being a manager of a great club that already has all the resources established.

Just a week ago I was in London to test a few hours of Football Manager 2023. With such little time, you will understand that taking a team from the Úrvalsdeild it wasn’t the best idea. Therefore, I was direct and concise and I was able to see all the news of the game through Real Madrid. I admit that replacing Ancelotti has been fun, however, I did not expect the result. The rush to see as much as possible has made him make very catastrophic decisions. I never thought I’d be able to laugh out loud at this title. sow chaos in Madrid and seeing how an established team crumbled in just a few hours is another way of understanding that has been little explored, so I’d better tell you about it.

From hero of Real Madrid to public enemy

We know that Football Manager is, after all, a continuing saga. This is how we saw it in the analysis of the previous edition. There are changes yes and a need for renovation, but the bulk of the skeleton is what it is, like someone who plays FIFA knowing what they are going to find. I expected some news such as the implementation of women’s football, which had been discussed for years and has not yet been carried out. For those who don’t know, I had a past as a right back in a small team when women’s football was beginning to emerge. Seeing the evolution of this over time and having the option for big games to implement it was something unthinkable at the time. In the words of Miles Jacobson, director of the studio we were able to interview, they want to do it and do it well. It will come, but not yet.

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Soccer Manager 2023.

Therefore, ruling out the possibility of choosing a women’s team to remember old times, my options were to try to get Valencia out of the hole, make Levante resurface, (my old childhood team), or go for a shot and choose a great club with a huge budget. The last option seemed the best to me. I have become the first Real Madrid coach and the result has been unprecedented. Much of what has happened has had to do with one of the main improvements and that is the scout system. In this installment they have a greater weight than in others, receiving fully detailed reports of the players and ratings.

One of the main improvements is the scout system

“We have to sign Neymar at all costs” they told me. And what could he do in the face of such a forceful proposal? However, the negotiations did not go well. Too many bonuses, millions here, millions there and a reduced initial budget made me understand that I should have waited for a more appropriate moment and that Neymar had no real interest in coming. Thus, we will constantly be receiving proposals from scouts who seem to have gotten their act together more than ever, not only from players but also from the entire team’s coaching staff.

Soccer Manager 2023

Another major problem I had to deal with was the demands of Marco Asensio. There was no way to make him stay no matter how much I tried to moderate my gestures and choose the dialog forms more correct. Okay, I could throw a bottle of anger if I wanted, but I tried to be very polite. It is known that he was not happy. a pity

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Thanks to the new system to measure user confidence I saw how everyone began to doubt me

I advise myself that another club was interested in him and in the face of my wish for him to be happy, he took offense, told me that I didn’t fight for him and left. That happens to me for wanting to control all aspects of the club. He could have delegated aspects such as the signing, negotiations or the alignment of the matches to the entire technical body. They could have taken care of the health monitoring of the players, the penalties, the weekly calendar and they did not. I was a benevolent coach who slowed down the pace of training before a game and, despite being in preseason, arranged friendly so that they would be happy and win.

In general, I was well received during my presentation, however, the press asked me for too much information. I tried to be reserved. Of course, that led to sometimes lapidary headlines, and I realized that as much as I wanted to do well, I didn’t have control over every element of the game. Thanks to the new system for measure trust of users I saw how everyone began to doubt me. It was devastating.


I mean this of course in the best of ways. There is nothing more realistic than a convulsive environment that you cannot control. Since he knew that this game would not be the one he would play later I decided to have fun a while. I spent the entire budget on bullshit, I lowered the penalties, I delegated everything possible and all this while laughing out loud. I was also able to observe the moments of the matches. It is true that I was wreaking havoc in my game, but I had many teammates by my side who were determined to do well. They were in the middle of some and I could see the improvement that the AI ​​​​in this aspect and the new 3D animations. Also, now that the game has acquired new licenses like UEFA, they will look worthy.

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The saga is still willing to steal years of life with FM23

With all this, as I said at the beginning of the text, five hours of play they are not enough to make a club stand out nor to undermine it. Madrid is still Madrid, although a certain Rach Cervantes dedicated himself to sabotaging the club from within. However, in general terms, it is perceived in the line of the Football Manager series, still willing to steal years of your life, with some small new details, a graphic improvement and succulent licenses by way of claim. For my part, if I have learned anything from this experience, it is that next time I am going to choose the Knattspyrnufélag Fjallabyggðar that surely they are much more grateful.

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