Insider Teases God Of War Ragnarok News Is Coming Next Week

The Snitch hasn’t been wrong yet, so it might be time to start getting excited.

A renowned gaming expert has teased that God of War Ragnarok news is coming, possibly as early as next week.

Gaming insider The Snitch, who leaked the entire state of the game as well as several big announcements during the Summer Game Fest season, including Persona on Xbox and Hollow Knight: Silksong, which is a day one Xbox Game Pass release , could have hinted at when. we can expect to see news about Ragnarok.


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The Tweet shows a gif meme of the camera zooming in on Kratos while holding his ax and nodding, although this version of the gif includes the numbers “11110”. While this may seem like some kind of release date hint considering that “1111” could point to November 11, it actually appears to be binary code.

Putting that number into a binary translator gives us the number 30, which many have taken to be the date we’ll finally hear more about God of War Ragnarok, or possibly some sort of State of Play introduction in general. That would mean we have less than a week to wait for news on when Ragnarok is coming.

The Snitch isn’t the only person who seems to be joking about the God of War news, either. Cory Barlog, the director of the first game, recently returned to Twitter and seems to be using it to tease fans who are eagerly awaiting some kind of game update. Barlog’s most recent Tweet is a gif of Batman rubbing his chin with a bunch of dots that seem to represent missing letters or someone currently typing.

Barlog also updated his Twitter header to a bunch of ellipses that seem to be hinting that something is coming soon. Combine that with the recent Tweet from The Snitch implying news is coming next week, and it looks like news on God of War Ragnarok is coming sooner than we think.

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