Intel is going to raise the price of its chips, and that’s bad news

News hardware Intel is going to raise the price of its chips, and that’s bad news

Faced with a still unfavorable situation in the middle of computer components, Intel will increase the prices of its chips by the end of the year. A situation that should have a very negative impact on the IT market.

While graphics cards now display slightly more affordable prices than a few months ago, it’s a new unpleasant situation that awaits PC enthusiasts. Indeed, the Nikkei information site, often very well informed about the high-tech industry, indicates thatIntel plans to increase the prices of its components by 10 to 20% by the end of the year.

More expensive Intel processors at the end of the year

The manufacturer confirmed the information without further delay to its business partners. But the information is not surprising, since as soon as the results of its first quarter of the year were announced, the company had mentioned the situation. “Intel indicated that it was going to increase its prices on certain segments of its business because of inflation. The company has started notifying customers », details Nikkei. Generalized inflation has notably increased the cost of raw materials, labor and transport. There is no escaping it for companies like Intel, which produce massively and ship all over the world.

The global pandemic, which started in 2020, has resulted in a considerable increase in teleworking, which has motivated many companies, but also individuals, to invest in many computers. Sales increased significantly in 2020 and 2021. But that bubble burst, and today many companies in the IT sector are facing a drop in sales. This situation should not get better if the price increase announced by Intel were to affect the prices of computers displayed in stores.

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Intel, not the only one to sell its more expensive components

With a tariff increase of between 10 and 20% expected in the coming months, Intel is pushing computer makers to stock up to avoid having to raise the price of their machines too soon. A few months before the end of the year holidays, this could have significant consequences on a market already damaged by persistent shortages in certain areas.

TSMC, another famous microchip manufacturer, has also announced an upcoming price increase.. The increase should be “one-digit percentage” and be applied in 2023, without further details having been publicly given. TSMC notably supplies AMD with chipswhich suggests that the processors of this manufacturer will find themselves in a similar situation to those of Intel: in fact, changing brands should not mean a cheaper computer in the long term.

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