iPad Mini deals are selling out fast, but you can still save $90 today

iPad Mini deals have started to rear their heads in recent months, as the latest generation adds to its time on shelves. We’ve seen some great deals on this miniature tablet over the past few weeks, but many have since sold out. However, if you missed it, it’s worth taking advantage of this last remaining discount on Amazon.

The 64GB Pink and Starlight iPad Minis are still available for $409 right now (opens in a new tab) – a discount of $90 off the MSRP of $499. While that’s $10 off the lowest price ever, other colorways are much harder to come by this week. The Purple model, for example, has slipped up to $474 (opens in a new tab)and Space Gray is sold out. So these iPad Mini deals might not last much longer, so if you’re looking for a discount anytime soon, we’d recommend jumping in quickly.

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