Iron Banter: This Week in Destiny 2 – Death to RNG Raid Exotics

Almost every week he brings something new to fate 2Whether it’s story beats, new activities, or interesting new combinations of items that allow players to devastate each other in the Crucible. Iron Banter is our weekly look at what’s happening in the world of Destiny and a roundup of what’s catching our attention across the solar system.

Last week, when Deep Stone Crypt was the rotating raid, I finally completed my Descendant Seal, the series of triumphs you can earn in the dungeon that denotes you’ve mastered it. The thing is, I wanted to complete that label a year ago, and the only reason I didn’t was bad luck.

The Descendant sigil, like many of the older raid sigils in Destiny 2, requires you to clear a bunch of hard Triumphs with your team. These include finding all of the raid’s hidden lore and completing special challenges throughout it, which rotated weekly when the raid launched with the Beyond Light expansion. But what turned out to be the hardest part of the seal was completing his collections badge, which requires you to earn every piece of gear in the Deep Stone Crypt, including all of his armor and weapons, and his exotic rocket launcher, Eyes of Tomorrow.

For about a year, the last thing the Descendant seal needed was Eyes of Tomorrow, which has a slim chance of dropping in the final boss fight of the raid. Supposedly, Bungie has infused his raids with “bad luck protection” which should increase his chances of receiving these exotics every time he completes the raid and doesn’t get one. It may be one thing on paper, but in practice, the random number generator that determines these things is cruel and petty.

Badges show all the items you can get from a certain batch of content, but when they’re needed for stamps, they mean you’re stuck fighting the RNG.

My team and I ran DSC about 30 times over the course of completing the label, and I was the only one who never received an Eyes of Tomorrow. Upon completion of 33, the weapon finally dropped, but only after we took a year off from the raid after running it so many times we grew tired of it.

My personal history of irritation from exotic droplets is minor, to be honest. I could have used a “group search” forum to jump to other teams and run more DSC completions to finish my seal sooner by now, and 33 completions are on the low side of similar “never dropped my weapon”. Just bounce around on one of the Destiny 2 subreddits to find people who completed 50 or 70 to earn weapons like the Vex Mythoclast from the revised Vault of Glass raid. But I do think my own complaint is illustrative of a problem Destiny 2 could fix: the fact that random exotic drops suck.

Every raid in Destiny 2 comes with cool exotic weapons that can only be obtained by playing that activity, and most of them have dropped as random rewards from boss fights. As with DSC, more often than not, these items are also required to complete sigils, which are admittedly completely optional objectives designed to give Destiny 2 fans something to keep them busy and a small amount of royalty. bragging about your time. invested. Not being able to complete a seal you worked hard on due to bad luck is annoying, but ultimately no big deal; however, locking Exotics behind the RNG often creates in-game disparities that are absolutely it’s not fun.

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It reminds me of One Thousand Voices, the exotic fusion rifle that drops from the Last Wish raid from the Forsaken expansion. Especially in the early days of Gambit mode, One Thousand Voices (henceforth 1k, as it’s often called among players) was an absolutely devastating weapon, if you were lucky enough to have one. The rifle was great for shooting at invading players on all maps, allowing them to live long enough to curse you before they exploded and died. There are a few weapons that changed the balance of equity in Gambit in those early days (the Queenbreaker is an exotic you also got from a random drop and dominated in early Gambit, but didn’t get hijacked in a raid), but 1k was a reminder. constant of your bad luck and the good luck of others.

Vex Mythoclast was a great weapon in PvP after the release of Vault of Glass, unless you didn't have one.
Vex Mythoclast was a great weapon in PvP after the release of Vault of Glass, unless you didn’t have one.

Similarly, the Vex Mythoclast fusion rifle came out of the dominant gate in the Crucible after it was added to the Vault of Glass raid, and there was a period where not having one felt like a serious handicap. Other weapons have tended to become important strategies in many high-level activities. Anarchy, the exotic grenade launcher that appeared in the Scourge of the Past raid, was an almost essential weapon for fighting bosses. years in high-tier content, until it was finally nerfed just two seasons ago. Having one was a huge boon to players, and some strategies for defeating bosses like Gahlran in the Crown of Sorrow raid relied heavily on it.

The problem with the exotic raid situation is that if the weapon ever turns out to be great, not earning one instantly feels like the game is holding you back, or the game isn’t honoring the time you spend in the game. itself. Raiding is already a top-tier activity that most of the Destiny community doesn’t participate in; they’re tough, often limited by power level, and require you to have five friends with several hours to spare to play with you. Being unarmed by raid weapons is a double bummer when you’re a person with limited time and struggling to organize raids. Even with my die-hard team, get a Weekly Raid running together is an uphill battle.

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Bungie recently took smart steps to lessen the reliance on RNG for cool weapons, or to make not having them less onerous. The Vow of the Disciple seal requires finishing difficult challenges and several Raid Master level races, but No they require the random drop from Collective Obligation, the exotic pulse rifle from the raid. In the Duality dungeon released in Season of the Haunted, the seal requires earning the exotic sword Heartshadow, but your chances of the sword falling in the dungeon’s final encounter are increased by various triumphs you can earn along the way, which are also themselves required for the seal, so at least on paper, your performance has a direct impact on your chances of winning a fancy new sword.

And randomness isn’t always Bungie’s way of doing this. The Garden of Salvation raid contains one of the best exotics in the game: a trace rifle called Divinity that creates a large bubble on enemies that greatly increases their critical hit point. Divinity has become a mainstay for raid teams and content like Grandmaster Nightfalls because it’s so good, but Divinity wasn’t a random drop. Instead, it requires solving a tricky puzzle hidden throughout the raid, and completing it is actually one of the most fun parts of the entire experience.

The Divinity puzzle is among the best parts of the Garden of Salvation raid.
The Divinity puzzle is among the best parts of the Garden of Salvation raid.

Divinity feels like the best case scenario for dishing out exotic raids. It’s a difficult but interesting series of extra steps, and you’ll need the cooperation of the entire team to win it. It works with the raid challenge to make Divinity a suitable challenge to unlock, while also removing the artificial difficulty of randomness.

Of course, we can assume that creating a series of puzzles like the ones in Divinity takes a lot of effort on Bungie’s part, while a random drop is a drastically easier solution to getting Raid Exotics in-game, and thus probably a lot more. realistic. from a design point of view. Adding Triumphs that adjust drop rates and removing Exotics from the objective completion requirements are also good ways Bungie is addressing the issue, and I’d like to see more ways for you to challenge yourself on difficult content to have. a direct impact on rewards. you get for doing it.

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Honestly though, my ideal scenario is the complete removal of RNG for raid Exotics. The randomness in these cases feels like a punishment, rather than a reward, for taking on high-end content. There may be an argument that Exotics like random drops encourage players to keep raiding, but that seems like a dubious assumption. If you’re the type of player who would be willing to multi-raid to chase down an Exotic, you’re probably the type of player who would multi-raid. no matter, thanks to random weapon and armor rolls, additional challenges, and seal completions. RNG Exotics might encourage people who do a lot less raiding to try going back there, but at least in my experience, it’s not enough of a carrot to get past the stick of organizing a team and scheduling. It’s difficult for most casual players to participate in raids, and for many people, completing a raid once or multiple times is a serious achievement. They shouldn’t be penalized because they’re not committed to scoring 33 runs, for whatever reason.

Overall, I’m not a fan of the randomness and grinding that goes into Destiny 2 in general, but especially when it comes to raid Exotics, this feels like an unnecessary slot to force players into that doesn’t really add to the play. . After all, players have already done the hard part of completing the raid; Why not reward them for engaging with some of Destiny’s best and hardest content, in a way that might get them excited to engage with more content? Bungie seems to have the same idea in mind, and I hope they continue to iterate on the idea of ​​lessening the pain of Exotic RNG. Randomness may be an important feature in Destiny 2, but in the case of my 33 runs of Deep Stone Crypt, it certainly didn’t add any fun.

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