Is Evil Dead: The Game coming to Playstation now? Answered

Evil Dead: The Game brings together some of the most memorable characters, settings and enemies from Sam Raimi’s iconic game. Evil Dead Movie series in an asymmetrical multiplayer game where you play as classic characters, fight Deadites, and try to complete a variety of objectives. Unfortunately, if you’re looking to connect with your friends on PlayStation, you’ll have to shell out the full $40 the game costs, as it’s not currently available on PlayStation Now.

Also, it’s not very likely that it will ever be available on PlayStation Now, considering the service will cease to exist as a separate product following the PlayStation Plus renewal, which is scheduled for June. Sony has previously stated that PS Now features, including many games from its library, as well as game streaming, will be part of the new service. But once the revamp happens, PS Now as it currently exists will be gone, so it’s safe to assume Sony isn’t exactly set on adding new games to the service at this point.

It’s always possible that Evil Dead: The Game could later be offered as a monthly PlayStation Plus title for those subscribed to the service, but given that the game is just out, it could be a while before that happens. As PS Plus will have several tiers after its renewal, it’s possible that the game will hit one of the higher ones, which effectively serve as replacements for PS Now, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Fortunately, regardless of what platform you have the game on, you’ll be able to play with others no matter what system they’re playing on. The game fully supports cross-play on consoles and PC, meaning you and a small group of friends can team up as iconic characters like series protagonist Ash Williams, as well as Pablo Simon Bolivar and Amanda Fisher, both hailing from from Ash vs Evil Dead. On a much less cool note, you’ll need a constant internet connection in order to play; you can’t play offline.

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