Is Fade coming to Apex Legends for PC and consoles?

Prior to the release of Apex Legends Mobile, developer Respawn Entertainment made the stunning announcement that the game would be home to some of the series’ incoming characters. Fans have now seen this plan in full action with the arrival of Fade, an offense-focused legend whose quick skills thrive with the Mobile game. Strong as it is, it begs the question of whether the masked hero will finally land on PC and consoles.

Although the iOS and Android title is said to host Legends “mobile first”, it is confirmed that there are currently no plans to bring Fade to other platforms. The developer has emphasized that since Apex Legends Mobile is a separate product from its main version, the game will have its own original content such as mobile-exclusive Legends, events, and modes.

Even if Fade doesn’t see the light of day on console and PC, it certainly won’t be for lack of a powerful moveset. The character is primarily known to have abilities focused on creating voids, similar to Wraith. However, Fade voids can allow you to travel back to recently visited locations or damage nearby enemies. Beyond these attacks, players can even use his Passive to increase speed at the end of each slide.

As of yet, it is unknown if the new Legends that follow after Fade will also become mobile exclusives. Fans are likely to find out in the coming weeks, as Mobile’s first season, Primetime, is scheduled to end on June 13. This date also marks the expiration of the Season’s Battle Pass and Limited Time Modes, so newcomers need to act fast.

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Meanwhile, there are several other characters to contact. In addition to Fade, Apex Legends Mobile features nine other Legends to experience in first and third person. This includes all eight original characters from the main game, such as Bangalore, Pathfinder, and Caustic, while Octane also made his way into the title.

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