Is Persona 4 worth playing in 2022?

the Person The franchise has picked up steam in recent years thanks to the endless stream of critical acclaim for person 5. It’s a game that resonated with both returning fans of the series and new players thanks to its excellent art direction, stellar story, and solid gameplay. However, while the fifth mainline entry was the first to really capture a large audience, PersonThe beginnings of extend far beyond the PlayStation 4. Revelations: Person released in 1996, and games have been regularly leaked ever since, with many believing person 4 be the best in the group.


Initially released for PlayStation 2 and remastered for PlayStation Vita, person 4 was undoubtedly the pinnacle of the previous series P5 it hit shelves around the world in the spring of 2017. Its characters were unforgettable and its quirky and intriguing storyline kept players guessing for the dozens of hours it took to complete. What was once an almost impossible game to find and play is now accessible to just about anyone, and while its age is obvious, it might be worth revisiting in the coming months.

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Persona 4 is still a masterpiece

Before Phantom Thieves took the hearts of gamers, there was another cast of characters that captured the attention and affection of fans. Chie, Kanji, Rise, and Nanako may be some of the best played, written, and developed characters in the JRPG genre, and with so many new games coming and going, only a few personalities that remain are memorable all these years later. After the player arrives in the rural town of Inaba, they are soon adopted by a group of friends at Yasogami High School, and as the story takes a murderous turn, the team begins to investigate. person 4 it’s a great coming-of-age game, and when the credits roll, the cast feels like they’ve changed significantly.

person 5 is known for his impressive presentation, but person 4 it was the game to make it a commonplace for the franchise. It is a title that exudes style, and many of the systems and mechanics of person 3 they were refined to be a pleasure to experience. Even in the shadow of his successor, person 4 more than it adds up, and does enough to feel like a unique experience. With its definitive edition on PlayStation Vita, the portability makes it much easier to consume and even more addictive.

Persona 5 could make it redundant

Person games seem to drag on with every release. person 5 it’s over 100 hours, and spending that many hours on one game means it’s hard to conjure up the excitement of playing the next one, knowing it’s such a significant time commitment. person 5 is by far the most popular in 2022, so the desire to start another game in the series may be low among many gamers. Because of this, the very existence of person 5 could make a play person 4 feels pointless, as it doesn’t have the graphical, technical, or mechanical prowess that P5 has. If the players are going to experience only one Person game then person 5 looks perfect at first glance.

Nevertheless, person 4 it’s unique enough in both its story and core design to feel like a game of its own. While the Joker and the Phantom Thieves story is locked to home consoles and PC as a Switch port remains elusive, person 4 is a game best enjoyed on the go. Randomly generated dungeons, bite-sized Social Link events, and easy-to-consume story beats make for a perfect handheld experience, especially compared to person 5, which requires more attention from the player due to his ambition. person 4 Y 5 they have similarities, but one does not replace the other in any way.

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Persona 4 is more accessible than ever

person 4 it was released in the United States for the PlayStation 2 in late 2008, two years after the PlayStation 3 was released. Because of this, it did not sell well, and a remaster on the Vita did not help much. Sony’s PlayStation Vita was a commercial failure, so person 4 once again he isolated himself to a platform where he had no chance of success. However, in 2022, it has become much more accessible on other devices. A digital release on Steam did well to breathe new life into the game, and the platform’s astronomical user base means it was the first time person 4 it had the potential to capture a large audience. Its verification on the Steam Deck has also confirmed the game’s commitment to portability.

Until now, Xbox users have not had the opportunity to experience all that person 4 has to offer, but after Xbox and Bethesda Showcase this summer, that will change. Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 GoldY persona 5 royal are coming to Xbox Game Pass, giving the game another home and more player hearts to capture. person 4 being on PC hardware, Sony and Microsoft gives you no excuse. Most gamers will have at least one system hosting the game, so there’s no longer a need to go to the back of the closet to dust off the old PlayStation Vita. In 2022, person 4 it’s more current than ever, and due to its poor sales in the past, it feels like a brand new game.

A golden opportunity

2022 is the tenth anniversary of person 4 goldenPlayStation Vita launch. In the decade since then, it has seen numerous spin-off products such as Persona 4 Ultimax Arena Y Person 4: Dancing all nightand laid the foundation for person 5, which was an introduction to the franchise for gamers around the world. It’s a series that’s no longer just known to JRPG fans, and it’s finally getting the mainstream it deserves.

Playing person 4 for the first time is something that so many fans would love to experience once again. It has so much heart and great music, art and writing that it makes any trip back to Inaba worthwhile for so many players. The Playstation Vita will always be your home, but the litany of platforms it’s on now means everyone can enjoy the dramatic story that unfolds in the halls of Yasogami High.

person 4 golden is available for PC and PlayStation Vita.

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