Is Rainbow Six Siege Single Player Mode Worth It?

Ubisoft’s multiplayer tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege has been around since late 2015, and with seven years of content, there’s plenty for new and returning players to sink their teeth into. Due to the sales, subscriptions, and reduced prices of older games, there’s still a lot of fresh meat making its way into the world of Siege, but if you’re someone who loves solo content, is it worth playing? to Rainbow Six Siege in single player?

Rainbow Six Siege only has two modes that allow players to enjoy the game in single-player offline scenarios: Training Grounds and Situations. If you want to get the most out of your Siege game, playing online multiplayer is the way to go. The worst part is that these single player modes don’t offer any kind of new and transformative gameplay that you can’t see in the multiplayer experience.

Aruni Siege

To better explain the Situations mode, it is important to first discuss the Training Grounds mode. If you’ve played a Rainbow Six game in the past, like Vegas for example, Training Grounds will feel immediately familiar. Training Grounds allows up to five players to enter any of the game’s multiplayer maps and eliminate all terrorists or complete a series of objectives. The Training Grounds missions come in four separate variants, which are:

Elimination (eliminate all terrorists)
extract hostage (find a hostage in the level, get it, then take it to the exfiltration point)
protect the hostage (the only Training Grounds missions where you can play as defenders, you have to stop the terrorists from killing the hostage)
disarm bomb (players must disarm the two bombs located on the map while being surrounded by terrorists)

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While these modes and missions are designed for five-player co-op, they can be played solo using the Lone Wolf setting. There are even three separate difficulty settings that adjust the accuracy of the AI, along with the amount of damage they deal. It’s certainly an option for single-player content, and Training Grounds can be great for players looking to warm up before jumping into matchmaking, but it’s too restrictive and repetitive to be worth it on its own.

The main single player mode is Situations, which can be found in the Learning Area section of the game. Situations mode acts as a kind of story/campaign for Rainbow Six Siege, as well as a tutorial for Training Grounds mode and thus Siege itself. Situations sees the Rainbow Six team formed to counter specific terrorist threats around the world, with the mode culminating in a chemical weapons attack on an American university by an organization known as the White Masks.

rainbow six siege
rainbow six siege

Before reaching that point, players will need to complete a series of 10 progressive missions, which take place on the various multiplayer maps found within the game. Players will find the maps full of White Mask terrorists and have to complete a series of various objectives to complete the situation. All 10 situations will also have bonus stipulations for players to earn stars, and the mission structure slowly introduces you to Siege-exclusive mechanics like breaching, rappelling, etc.

Completing all 10 situations will unlock Item Five, the special endgame Situations mission that takes place on a modified version of the Bartlett University map. However, to access this mission, you will need to enter matchmaking and find four other players so you can complete Situations mode. This makes the mode impossible to finish for players who just want to experience Rainbow Six Siege’s single player content.

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The Learning Area also contains the Firing Range, a contained space where players can practice using the weapons and operators Siege offers in a safe environment, customizing the Firing Range parameters to suit their needs. Like the rest of Rainbow Six Siege’s single-player content, it’s not enough to hold a player’s interest long-term, but it does serve a specific purpose.

The reason there’s such a lack of single player content in Rainbow Six Siege is because what content there is is designed to push you towards its most compelling aspect: online multiplayer. The maps and objectives that appear in Situations and Training Grounds are exactly the same as in multiplayer, and while the normal White Mask AI isn’t going to be a match for the skilled players you’ll find on the other team, those modes are a great way to warm up before venturing into matchmaking.

The only real incentive to play single player content, aside from getting used to the controls or warming up, is the fact that playing these modes will earn you Renown which can be used to purchase operators and cosmetics. The amount you’ll earn won’t be as much as you’d get from playing multiplayer, but it’ll give you a good starting point, at least. There are also no achievements or trophies for playing the single player content, as these have been removed from the game and replaced with more multiplayer focused challenges.

Rainbow Six games of yesteryear featured a plethora of exciting campaigns and single-player levels, so fans of those games would probably be tempted to pick up Rainbow Six Siege, thinking there’s more to where that came from. For those gamers, the reality is pretty underwhelming, but if you’re finally willing to give multiplayer a try, Siege’s single-player offerings here are a great way to start.

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