Is the Logitech G Cloud or the Steam Deck better? Dad or mom? Decide with our comparison

We put this duo of portable consoles face to face with two completely different bets: which one is for you?

Just a couple of days ago Logitech presented its G Cloud, a portable console designed for play in the cloud that will hit the market October the 17th (in North America), and although its identity is far from what the Steam Deck of Valve, the versatility of this second makes us ask ourselves:which of the two is better? Is there a better one or is there simply one more suitable for each player? As for now we live from this, today we are going to dedicate ourselves to solving it comparing them head to head For you and you alone, pretty little thing.

Comparison: Logitech G Cloud vs. Steam Deck

Logitech G Cloud it is, for all practical purposes, an Android tablet that allows you to access services such as the Google Play Store —obviously—, Xbox CloudGamingNVIDIA GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, or steam link. In this sense, it doesn’t need as much power to work, so everything that Steam Deck offers in that exclusive section is irrelevant. Valve’s has positioned itself as a machine extremely versatile and with a lot of potential that makes a lot of sense if you have a relatively large Steam library, but if you look closely, neither of them have their own titles

On this populated table of variables, one more must be placed, and the most crucial: the console of Logitech will arrive for a price of $349 (or 299 as a reserve incentive), that of Valve has a base version of $399 (or 419 euros, go). This is a difference of only 50 dollars with which you would get a more solid console with access to a longer platform, but… let’s dig deeper before making a decision, we’re getting off track.

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Steam Deck Strengths

Steam Deck it is clearly ahead of G Cloud when it comes to running games natively, and even with good performance (as we saw in Alexpasc’s console review), thanks to its processing unit AMD RDNA 2 and the 16 GB of DDR5 RAM. Besides, it is capable of running the same cloud services that Logitech’s can access. With this, you can play local or stream whenever you want, and that’s great for when Xbox removes a game you like from its libraryfor instance.

Another advantage of playing on the same console is that you can tell goodbye to latency issues and say hello to a sharper image. Your experience will be visually more pleasing, [/b]without the image being pixelated, and your skills in shooters or action games will not be diminished by jerks. It is true that both Microsoft and NVIDIA have gone to great lengths to reduce the [b]latency as low as possiblebut cloud gaming will never completely eliminate it.

Another very clear advantage for Valve’s console is that the games you already own can be installed, and with it you can allow yourself to play offline without any problem. That is something impossible for the white console, which would lose a lot of its usefulness on a flightfor example, or on that getaway to the mountains —which, on the other hand, is a crime to take your console to nature.

Is the Logitech G Cloud or the Steam Deck better?  Dad or mom?  Decide with our comparison

Logitech G Cloud Cards

Logitech G Cloud, firstly, stands out for a higher resolution and brighter screen. Its 1920×1080 and 450 nits are opposed to Steam Deck’s 1280×80 and 400 nits. On the other hand, it boasts a battery that lasts 12 hours, compared to 6-8 hours of the other console when we play in the cloud. Although in a 7 inch panel Full HD resolution doesn’t make that much of a difference, the battery life yes it does.

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Basically, the Google Play Store has millions of apps and games, and many voices have defended that for that alone it is worth it as the definitive Android console. On the other hand, anyone who spends that much time playing games on their phone will know of the existence of a good command smartphone that allows you to enjoy the game as if it were a console.

Verdict: Steam Deck or Logitech G Cloud?

We sincerely believe that for that extra you pay for a Steam Deck you will take a portable console tremendously capable in every way, even those that pertain to cloud gaming. Yes, it is very possible that you will be forced to investigate, tinker, make a mistake and solve lots of times to be able to succeed with the experiments and non-native installations you try, but the potential and openness of Valve’s system is too juicy enough not to consider paying that extra and discarding the G Cloud. Namely:

  • If you are looking for a console versatile and powerful to play powerful titles natively or in the cloud, go for Steam Deck.
  • If what you need is a very simple console to the bone where you play centrally across the platforms you have cloud subscriptions for, Logitech G Cloud may be for you; without worrying about hardware, requirements or installations.

Image | Cashino NDT on Unsplash

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