It’s not Guitar Hero, but this Beethoven trombone playing video game is as challenging as it is fun

Trombone Champ has just arrived on PC adding very positive reviews among users and viral moments.

We recently told you in 3DJuegos about the launch of Rocksmith Plus, a proposal especially recommended among guitar lovers. But vibrating the strings is not the only way to make music that we have in video games, we can also play the trombone in great challenges with Trombone Champ, a proposal that after being released on PC this month has gone viral on networks.

Presented as the world’s first video game starring the brass instrument, Trombone Champ invites users to follow the rhythm, and even get out of it, throughout 20 themes (includes hymns, marches, classical pieces, electronics, folk classics) each one more challenging, as the PC Gamer colleagues explain that after a few games with the title they have given a good example of how difficult it can be to hit all the notes on very popular topics.

For example, a video clip of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 being played has been widely shared on social media in recent hours. Despite the good judgment of the journalist, the truth is that the result was more fun than satisfactory.

We don’t know where the success of his proposal will go, but after the publication of the PC Gamer video he managed to add a peak of more than 1,000 concurrent users on Steam. For their part, those responsible have a clear roadmap where the arrival of new content is guaranteed, which will make it difficult for users to resist giving a video game a chance that can be theirs for just 12.49 euros.

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By the way, and completely changing genre, for a few days now the great Metal: Hellsinger, where music is the protagonist, is also available.

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