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The RPG is one of the oldest genres of video games that has gone through a multitude of transformations. And yet, I believe that it is still a long way from reaching its peak and reaching all the possibilities it can offer. If I say that he RPG It’s one of my favorite genres, I’m not being the most original person in the world either, it’s already been 30 years of role-playing since the days of Ishar or the first Baldur’s Gate, but that says a lot about the number of players who love this type of game and It is in its top positions when you look at the release schedule. Each one looks for something different in them, although I think that we all value their depth, one that every RPG treats in a different way.

Although since the first RPGs it has rained a lot and the evolution has been great, I really believe that there is still room for improvement. Much of that evolution has been graphic in the history of our medium, meaning that every time there was a technological leap, you often had to scale down to start over with that new visual style that older consoles and computers allowed. modern.

The evolution of RPGs over the years

In recent years, technology has advanced less and less in the exclusively graphic. The gaps between generations are not so noticeable anymore and in the RPG you can achieve the same ambitions as before with a visual refinement. Even some RPGs are so ambitious that they have reached the border of the procedural to expand their worlds to infinity. This brake, although it seems negative, for me it is the opposite: it means that, Once the technological goal has been reached, we can dedicate ourselves to exploring new paths most complex, deep and different in the genre. The unexplored world of artificial intelligencewhich is leaving us so many surprises in the world of images, but also of text, audio and video, will arrive sooner or later in the world of videogames.

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I don’t want to go that far this time, though. I’m sure I could find my favorite RPG with the tools we have on the table, but to do so would obviously require a lot of ambition (impossible for single player games these days) and also something very good at it. to gender: the hybridization.

At present, the RPG is almost not pure, but is the scaffolding on which many great experiences are based. The most prolific is action/adventure, but even driving games have something of an RPG to them. My favorite RPG would continue down this path, but I’d like it to add the strengths of each spinoff within it. For example, many role-playing games are so based on stats and character levels that tactics or skill matter little. It is something that, however, does quite well FromSoftwarerelying on statistics, but without being definitive.

The Perfect RPG

Since dreaming is free, I also like the design of some modern survival games

It’s just that From is getting us too used to what we call “dead worlds” that the entire Soulslike plethora has continued. That is to say, worlds where there are hardly any inhabitants and cities in all their splendor, as happens in other games like skyrim either Witcher III. I would really like a mix between these two concepts. But also, I would like that under the painting of the open world that these games currently have, there would be another one of immersive sim (now we are already entering the realm of the impossible). The philosophy of immersive sims is one of the ones I like the most, since they allow you not only to fight, but also to solve situations in very different ways. To do this, within these large environments there would have to be more linear levels, as does Elden Ringbut with the possibilities of a Dishonored.

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What I would like to see in more RPG

And since dreaming is free, although many of you do not buy the following idea from me, I also like the design of some modern survival games. titles like subnautica obsess me, and others like Medieval Dynasty They allow you to have your own life in the Middle Ages, get married, work on the construction of your house and your village, hunt and venture carefully into a hostile world. Doing all of this with the craftsmanship and level of detail of a Rockstar game would be amazing.

On one occasion I wrote here in 3DJuegos that in open worlds I get used to going faster every time, but with something like this it is clear that I would make an exception. I have always admired a little those people who are capable of connect with a game on a level that no other needs, and they simply dedicate themselves to inhabiting it for years and years, without the slightest need to leave it to try another experience. Maybe one day they will make me a similar RPG and finally know what it feels like.

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