‘Jack Reacher’ star Alan Ritchson brings more meat to ‘Fast X’.

Just when you thought there was no room left in the vast Fast and Furious set for any manlier man, comes the meatiest side of beef yet to sign up for the current shootout x fast.

Depending on the term, jack reacher Star and all-around big guy Alan Ritchson has become the latest name to tackle the blockbuster action sequel, continuing his rapid climb up the Hollywood ladder that saw his Prime Video series rack up impressive viewing numbers, with a second season already on the way, along with a three-movie Amazon Studios deal.

Given that the 39-year-old is over six feet tall and has the build of a brick dump, we’re going to go out on a limb and say he won’t be playing some kind of tech support who spends his time confined to a chair with a headset on, though we can be wrong.

Dwayne Johnson may have adamantly refused to end his self-imposed exile, but newly installed director Louis Leterrier has hardly been left wanting in the biceps department now that Ritchson has teamed up with Vin Diesel’s Jason Momoa. , Tyrese Gibson, Brie Larson and presumably returning. it stars Jason Statham and John Cena, who have yet to be officially confirmed for the film.

Either way, we can expect Ritchson to put his frame to good use, regardless of whether he’s friend or foe to Dominic Toretto and family, with x fast continues to add more volume as production continues after the setback of Justin Lin’s departure last month.

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