James Gunn Finally Clears Up a Big Baby Groot Mystery

Image via Disney Plus

Baby Groot returned to our screens this week for an animated miniseries i am groot, which may have been five seconds long, but Marvel fans appreciated it nonetheless for offering more of the lovable, infantilized sequoia. The little boy form of the Talking Tree has always been a huge hit with audiences, ever since he debuted as a sapling at the end of the first Guardians of the Galaxy and playing a much larger role in vol. two.

But there’s something we’ve always wondered about Baby Groot that creator James Gunn has finally cleared up. One fan was curious about an allusion to Groot’s self-sacrifice in the first movie in i am groot, suggesting that Baby Groot shares his adult self’s memories. Gunn stated, however, that this is definitely not the case, as they are essentially two different beings. That said, it’s likely that the Guardians told Baby Groot about his “father.”

“He doesn’t (in the same way that I don’t remember what my father did – OG Groot is not his ‘me’),” Gunn explained. “But I’m sure his galactic parents have told him the heroic stories thousands of times.”

Gunn’s comments remind us of something he’s always held about Baby Groot, but that fans often forget: Baby Groot isn’t just an adult Groot reborn, but a new, albeit related, life form that arose from his remains, very much so. clone-like. So just like a clone doesn’t have the memories of the being it shares genetic material with, Baby Groot doesn’t remember Adult Groot’s life.

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Chronologically speaking, we recently saw Groot 2.0 on Thor: love and thunder, where he was still a teenager. He is expected to be past adolescence by this December’s date. Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special and next May guardians of the galaxy vol. 3. as for i am grootthat is set during Guardians vol. two or just not part of the MCU continuity, according to Gunn himself.

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