Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Novels That Need Animating

In a world where people are encouraged to rush through life, it is good to remember that there is plenty of time to reach the top. Hirohiko Araki was already a highly respected and popular mangaka in Japan. But before 2012, jojo’s bizarre adventure it was just another cult series. Some may have seen the 1990s OVA series, Capcom’s fighting game, or scanslations. Even jojo wasn’t close naruto either Dragon Balls fame level.

That all changed when David Production’s anime series went into full swing, covering everything jojo’s parts up stone ocean until now. Now the series can be found everywhere. However, with only two parts to animate, there is a risk that the well will run dry. Fortunately, there are side jobs that could fill the void, including novels! here are seven jojo’s bizarre adventure books that fans would love to see animated.

7 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Above the Sky

stone oceanPucci’s plot involved Father Pucci tracking down the details of Dio’s Celestial Ascension plan from his diary. stardust crusaders the hero Jotaro Kujo burned it, but Pucci found a way around it. Yet what would Dio have written on it? Was it just the story of his life? Manga events from his perspective? That is what Nisio Isin of Bakemonogatari fame planned to settle with above the sky.

The book details Dio’s backstory, his family relationships, his philosophy on Heaven, meeting other stand users such as Daniel J.D’Arby and Noriaki Kakyoin, and other events in the vampire’s life. Since then, he has become non-canon; however, there is something fascinating about Dio’s side of things that would be interesting for a TV special or OVA.

6 Jorge Joestar

Being non-canon doesn’t mean a story can’t be entertaining or valuable. Jorge Joestar is a good example, as it is perhaps the strangest side story in the franchise. Written by Otaro Maijo for the franchise’s 25th anniversary, the story alternates between following Joseph Joestar’s father, George, and his alternate universe teenage equivalent, Jorge Joestar.

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George’s chapters are a fairly straightforward account of his life, from growing up with Lisa Lisa to joining the RAF. Jorge’s chapters are a wild story that jumps from one universe to another in which he has to solve a murder in Morioh with the help of strange versions of the Nijimura brothers (one of whom has three dolphins as a Stand). This somehow leads Jorge to face 37 versions of Battle tendency villain Kars before joining George to confront Dio Brando to stop his Heavenly Ascension plan.

5 Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Short Story Collection

Everyone knows about Araki Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan side series. It’s essentially his version of the twilight zonewhere diamond is unbreakable Rohan tells a strange story of horror or mystery. Araki has kept the series on and off since 1997, and even received an anime series and a live-action television drama. One of the episodes of the TV drama covered a story that seemed to come out of nowhere, about people possessed by a phrase: ‘kushagara’.

That’s because this came from Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan Short Story Collection. It was released in two volumes and contained eight other stories by Ballad Kitaguni, Ryo Yoshigami, Yusuke Iba, and Mirei Miyamoto. They have some interesting premises, like Rohan taking on a monkey that makes his victims dumb, or a puzzle box that makes people happy. Chances are, more of these stories could appear in the live-action series. So far, none have been animated yet.

4 Rohan at the Louvre

Araki has also used Rohan as a protagonist in some sponsored stories, such as Rohan Kishibe goes to Gucci. The most fascinating of them is Rohan goes to the Louvre. Made for the famous art gallery’s ‘The Louvre Invites Comics’ exhibition in 2009, the story is about Rohan who goes there and finds himself embroiled in a mystery involving missing people, an old crush, and an evil painting made with the darkest possible shade of black. .

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It is a tantalizing story in which Rohan confronts his fears, desires, and his past. It was even written by Araki himself, although he suggests that Rohan always had the Stand from him, which contradicts how he got it. diamond is unbreakable. With some clarification, it would be a great addition to the other Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan stories.

3 The Book: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 4th Another Day

Rohan has more than enough side stories, so how about one centered around his (reluctant) friend Koichi? Written by Otsuichi, The book is a non-linear story divided between following Koichi and three original characters: Chiho Futaba, an aspiring writer; his friend Takuma Hasumi, a man with an extremely precise memory; and Akari Hirai, a woman trapped in an alley by a vengeful architect named Teruhiko Ōgami.

The stories all come together through a series of strange murders that occur in Morioh, and how they all connect to Takuma and his Stand, the Book, which can collect Takuma’s memories and implant them into other people’s heads. For example, you can take out a page detailing how he got the flu and use it to infect others with the same virus. Josuke, Rohan, and the rest of the gang help Koichi uncover the mystery behind the deaths. It is a fascinating story with many twists and turns.

two Heart of gold, ring of gold

The full name of this story appears as The strange adventure of GioGio II, but it’s more of a 1.5. Before Giorno and his team set off in search of Diavolo, they befriend a young woman named Coniglio, or Coni for short. She is a cleaning lady with a Stand that can heal any injury or illness (accurately called ‘The Cure’). She is the only thing that saved her when her hotel was attacked by a deadly disease that killed everyone else in the building. Bucciarati and the gang believe that Fugo was behind this event, setting it off with Stand Purple Haze and some help from Seppia, one of Diavolo’s loyalists. They help Coni track down Fugo, unaware that she has been following Coni the entire time.

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Originally written by Miya Shotaro and Gichi Otsuka, the story retells Fugo’s departure from the group using elements Araki dropped from the main story, such as Giorno’s immunity to the Purple Haze disease. It’s a good way to wrap up Fugo’s involvement in the plot. However, there is a more popular novel about him that usually comes first to the minds of fans.

1 Purple haze reviews

The story of Kōhei Kadono continues where golden wind Stopped. With Giorno as the boss of Passione, he gets Mista to track down Fugo and give him a mission to redeem himself for leaving the group. With the help of fellow rogues Shiela E and Cannolo Murolo, Fugo must kill Maximo Volpe and his narcotics team, the last member of the group loyal to Diavolo.

The story provides a fascinating villain in Volpe and his Stand Manic Depression, who can alter the body’s chemical makeup and synthesize drugs. It also explains what happened to other characters in golden wind. While the novel has not been animated, some of it did appear in the video game. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle. Fugo’s great heat attack is named after the book and recreates his ending.

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