Julia Schlaepfer from 1923 explains how her wardrobe reflects Alex’s evolution –

By the season 1 finale of “1923,” something of a metamorphosis occurred with Alexandra, aka Alex (Julia Schlaepfer). She no longer wears shiny and elegant dresses, elbow-length gloves, high heels, elaborate headbands and tiaras, she seems much more relaxed and free.

Now, in flowing, flowing dresses and jackets with her wavy hair loose over her shoulders, she feels happy and self-assured. For Schlaepfer, her change of wardrobe throughout the season meant Alex’s own evolution.

“She is described as a very free spirit for that time period, but a free spirit and kind of a tomboy at the time was not what she is now. It’s still very elaborate because if she leans too much into this other type of thing, she would be inconsistent with the label that she grew up with,” Schlaepfer told the Reel School of Alex’s transformation. “As the season goes on, you see her lose her temper more, and Janie Bryant, our costume designer, is brilliant. We shed pieces of her costume as she goes along and she becomes more relaxed.” For Schlaepfer, it was something she could identify with.

Schlaepfer loved the scenes where Alex was relaxing.

Like Alexandra, Julia Schlaepfer says that she was “very feminine growing up, but there was also a side to me that loves to be dirty and dirty and that kind of thing. And those kinds of things are cool because you see that duality in her. [Alexandra] also.”

He went on to explain that the ‘relaxed Alex’ scenes he shared with Brandon Sklenar in Africa are his “favorite things to shoot because that’s who I am with my brothers and my family. It’s like chilling, and it’s so much fun being dirty, and we were rolling around [the] African bush.”

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While fans are already beginning to theorize that Alex’s dizziness is a sign of something else – pregnancy – we also have new questions about the “1923” season 1 finale. Now that we know she’s an heir to the throne, will she be the savior who pays off the lien Donald Whitfield (Timothy Dalton) placed on the Dutton family home? With season 2 already approved and Sklenar telling Esquire that her return to the Dutton ranch will be “a powerful homecoming,” we await the answers for season 2.

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