Jurassic World Studio asked Bryce Dallas Howard to lose weight, the director refused the request

Actor Bryce Dallas Howard recently made his third appearance in the Jurassic World franchise this summer and it might have been the tensest of the trilogy. Speaking to UK lifestyle site Metro, Howard revealed that he was asked to lose weight before filming Jurassic World Dominion.

Howard said her weight has often been a topic of discussion among studio executives, and the conversation came up again before Dominion was filmed. He thanks director Colin Trevorrow for rejecting the studio’s lawsuit.

“In the third movie, it was actually because there were so many women in the cast, it was something that Colin felt very strongly about in terms of protecting me…because the conversation came up again,” Howard explained.

“He told me, ‘There are a lot of different kinds of women on this planet and there are a lot of different kinds of women in our movie,’ and I had to do a lot of stunts that wouldn’t have been possible if I had been on a diet.” ,” She continued.

This wasn’t Howard’s only internal battle dealing with the studio over this franchise. In addition to the weight loss request, the Mandalorian director also had to deal with being paid less than co-star Chris Pratt. Reports surfaced in 2018 that he was earning $8 million to Pratt’s $10 million for the second entry in the franchise, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Howard confirmed over the summer that he was being paid considerably less.

Jurassic World Dominion is one of the highest grossing movies of the year, surpassing one billion dollars. You can see it in theaters and stream it on Peacock.

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